Corrupted? Corrupted? Corrupted by the big bad hedgie!

Young Sidney who lived at the foot of the hill
Whose fame every virgin with envy doth fill…

How far the delicate lassie has fallen – caught in the clutches of SAC.

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2 Responses to ““On Tuesday, a jury seated in the federal courthouse in Lower Manhattan heard the testimony of Dr. Ross, one of two doctors that prosecutors say Mr. Martoma corrupted to engineer what the government has called the most lucrative insider trading scheme in American history.””

  1. adam Says:

    Sidney Gilman, ultimate pill man
    Turned himself into quite a shill man.
    He sold the trials data,
    Was outed as traitor,
    And forced to give back to the till man.

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    adam- excellent…

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