Its applications are down fourteen percent this year due to the JTD (Just Too Disgusting) problem.

The Rolling Stone article about its way-past-you-could-puke frat system probably accounts for about five percent of the drop (“There’s been a lot of turnover [of staff] in the Dean of the College and other offices . . . and fraternities have been left somewhat to their own devices,” [one alumnus] said. “It’s become a bit of a ‘Lord of the Flies’ situation.”).

The rest of the drop might be parceled out between catastrophic credit swaps courtesy of grown up frat boys, and of course Christopher Kipouras.

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3 Responses to “Dartmouth, and the JTD Problem.”

  1. Greg Says:

    The only thing that gave me pause was “grown up” as vs say “superannuated.” But then I realized that scare quotes are sometimes better when implicit.

  2. Alan Allport Says:

    “Dartmouth slightly less successful than other Ivies this year at conning no-hope applicants into donating money for the sole purpose of inflating its selectivity percentage.”

  3. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Alan: Absolutely. That’s one of the bigger scams about which American suckers remain largely ignorant. Endless come-on letters from Harvard telling rubes they have a chance of getting accepted. An admirable use of their 35 billion dollar endowment.

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