… Chicago State University. Corrupt even by Illinois standards. An almost non-existent graduation rate. Ruled by one greedy hack after another. Frauds in high places. The functional equivalent of North Korea.

And now… (drum roll)…

A Cook County jury has awarded a former Chicago State University employee $2.5 million in damages and back pay after deciding he was fired in retaliation for reporting alleged misconduct by the university president and other top officials, an amount that a judge could further increase at a hearing next month.

… The lawsuit by former Chicago State senior legal counsel James Crowley alleged that he was fired in February 2010 after he refused to withhold documents about university President Wayne Watson’s employment that were requested by a faculty member under the state’s public records law. Crowley also claimed that he was retaliated against after reporting questionable contracts to the Attorney General’s office.

So what’ll it take to shut the place down?

Students are leaving in droves.

Is it possible Illinois will keep the shake-down operation going even without students???

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4 Responses to “Nobody knows why the state of Illinois doesn’t pull the plug on …”

  1. Jeremy Bangs Says:

    “what’ll it take”?
    Perhaps presidential laughter. I read somewhere that they think they’d be a more appropriate location for President Obama’s library than the University of Chicago, et al.

  2. Colin Says:

    I would think that the answer was obvious: the state is afraid of being called racist.

  3. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Colin: Indeed, I think that is one of the motives.

  4. Stephen Karlson Says:

    It’s useful to keep current with the dissident faculty at <a href=CSU Faculty Voice for additional coverage of the lawsuit, as well as the dynamics of a majority-minority university. Yes, the administrators have played the race card (look at those nasty elitists at the Chicago Tribune singling us out for our malfeasance … RAAAACISTS!) There’s instructive pushback, particularly from the left voices on the weblog, about institutional racism manifesting itself in a bookstore that works like a Polish post office, deferred maintenance, temporary faculty, no daycare.

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