UD is enjoying following the latest Salvation Stadium story. In an earlier post, UD quoted a spokesperson at the University of New Hampshire using impeccable logic in defense of millions the university’s president wants to spend on a stadium expansion at a time when fewer and fewer university students around the country are attending football games, and when, at UNH in particular, almost no one attends:

UNH said it attracts about 750 students to Cowell Stadium, which seats about 6,500 but would grow to 10,000 under the new plan. UNH said a new stadium would attract more students to games and to the university as a whole.

Now the president himself has emerged to explain to the local paper why this is a great idea, a win/win for UNH, and there’s yet more impeccable logic.

There’s his statement in my headline: Since we’re obviously going to make big bucks on this idea (thousands of students will flock to the games because…), don’t you worry your pretty little head about our repaying the whopping loan we’re going to take out.

And if that’s not enough to convince you – twenty years ago we built another athletic facility and some people were opposed but now everybody really likes it!

“But it now has become a beloved fixture not only on our campus but arguably for the whole state. And I think the same thing will happen when the stadium gets renovated.”

And if you’re still not convinced, remember how we all peed our pants ’cause we got to some semi-final?

“I think the kind of excitement that I felt around here this fall when (the Wildcats football team) was making that incredible run to the semi-finals was palpable throughout the entire state,” Huddleston said.

Once we spend $25 million on a bigger stadium, get ready to pee your pants every day!

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One Response to ““At least part of the repayment of that loan package will be covered by incremental revenues that we will realize through expanding the stadium.””

  1. Mr Punch Says:

    The multipurpose indoor facility is heavily used because it’s the only such venue in southeastern New Hampshire; it’s also the home of UNH hockey, which has a big following. UNH football, on the other hand … with UVM out of football, and UMass and UConn moving up, the only possible draw is the Maine game every two years, and maybe Dartmouth. Fortunately the proposal is insufficient to support a move to FBS.

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