UD‘s own University of Chicago seems to have decided that Fabrice Tourre — America’s current poster boy for defrauding investors and failing to get away with it — will not after all teach its undergraduates how money works. The U of C has clearly been hemming and hawing about this decision for some time, and UD can imagine how that went.

Well, he’s a bright articulate young man with many years of malfeasance in front of him… Yes, and he’s currently unemployed and needs a job and we can provide one… But on the other hand what if all his students cheat and then explain to the administration that he cheats so why can’t they… Plus can’t you already see the Sunday New York Times Magazine feature Dropping in On Fabulous Fabrice’s University of Chicago Seminar

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3 Responses to ““The former Goldman Sachs trader had been slated to teach an undergraduate honors economics course beginning later this month—despite having been found guilty of defrauding investors.””

  1. Rita Says:

    But Chicago admitted the guy to their PhD program, and the degree requirements include teaching. So he’s gotta teach or TA courses at some point. What’s he supposed to do?

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    As I understand it, they’re suspending that rule for him, and just letting him take graduate seminars.

  3. Mr Punch Says:

    Chicago shouldn’t do that. It’s like the time Yale let a student write an obviously unpublishable English dissertation, when publication was a requirement. Maybe Tourre will wind up at Maharishi International U., too.

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