You can’t keep these ambitious stem cell researchers down. Remember the Korean guy? They even did a stamp for him showing a person in a wheelchair gradually gaining the ability to walk because of the Korean guy’s amazing stem cell research.

That didn’t turn out well. I mean, once scientists tried reproducing his results.

Now there’s this Japanese stem cell person who also got amazing results due to the simple expediency of making up data and altering pictures.

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3 Responses to “O stempora! O mores!”

  1. Mr Punch Says:

    Turns out charismatic young women in subordinate positions can be dangerous to reasoned assessment. Who knew?

  2. smartin Says:

    An article in Science (paywall) says that Haruko Obokata also took part of an introductory chapter in her PhD thesis from an NIH website and fabricated some of her footnotes. This means that she may have to withdraw her thesis, which invalidates her doctorate.

  3. Margaret Soltan Says:

    smartin: Proving yet again the old adage among those who study plagiarism: it’s a lifelong thing. People are career plagiarists. Find one instance and you’ll find hundreds.

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