She left out audit.

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2 Responses to “‘”If you look at America’s great universities, you’ll see that they all have the three A’s in common: great academics, great arts and great athletics,” said UNT president Gretchen M. Bataille in a release.’”

  1. charlie Says:

    In 2011, the CalTech men’s basketball team snapped a 310 in conference losing streak. They don’t have a football team, not much of a track team, nor anything of note regarding arts, except, from time to time, the students organize a talent show. According to good ol’ Dr. Bataille, not much of anything going on CalTech….

  2. Van L. Hayhow Says:

    It is a shame to see this at UNT. I have never been there but as a jazz fan I know that they enjoy (or have enjoyed)a wonderful reputation in jazz education. The top students played in a 1 o’clock lab band that graduated a number of professional musicians. I have a feeling the sports rush will ruin this.

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