Funds to begin to make sense of a scandal like Sul Ross University. A terrible school with a graduation rate approaching zero, a school only lately on probation, Sul Ross naturally is all about athletics.

Back in November the entire football coaching staff was fired. Then the president of the university resigned days later.

There’s no there there, at Sul Ross, which opens the door to local bullies and boosters and hangers-on. No one’s saying exactly what happened (maybe everyone on campus is too addled to know), but the local press suggests the latest Sul Ross administration ran away because

There were claims that coaches were physically and verbally abusing players, that athletes were being bribed to incriminate coaches, and that coeds were being pushed to have sex with recruits.

Yadda yadda. Bottom line: When there’s nothing to do and nowhere to go, boys will get up to trouble. And Sul Ross is all about boys.

It’s odd to UD that Sul Ross is about anything. I mean, anything you and I have to pay for.

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3 Responses to “You have to go to Daniel Greenberg’s Center for the Absorption of Federal…”

  1. Mr Punch Says:

    Sul Ross is, incidentally, an entire university bearing someone’s nickname.

  2. JND Says:

    We are in the same conference as Sul Ross. If they have sold their souls to football, they got a lousy deal. Their DIII team stinks.

    I loved the look at rotten graduation rates. Back in the day, Texas A&M – Commerce was known as East Texas State. The majority of the teachers I had in public school got their degrees from there.

  3. theprofessor Says:

    To be fair here, this assumes that “on-time” means “four years.” That is fair enough for an institution like mine, where 90%+ are full-time students, but a lot of those places certainly have large numbers of part-time students or ones that need remediation. One of our nearby public universities, Tierfour State, has well under a 20% graduation rate, but a lot of the students are on what I will call the 8-year plan. Eventually they manage to shove 30% or so out the door with degrees.

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