… for Rehoboth Beach, where they will spend the next two weeks in an apartment so close to the Atlantic that you can hear the waves.

This constant wave sound is very lulling, but UD can blog through it.

Which she will do with the same compulsive regularity as… the tides. Ne quittez pas.

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2 Responses to “Les UDs load up their little Prius and leave in a couple of hours…”

  1. A Reader Says:

    We always stayed in Bethany Beach (slightly quieter) and went into Rehoboth for nights on the boardwalk. Fantastic family times. Have fun!

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    A Reader: Thanks! We’ve tried Bethany – stayed at a big house with friends – but I found it too quiet. I like to look at people, shop, eat at restaurants, etc.

    We’re here now, by the way, and it’s a really beautiful, slightly cool, evening by the water. Just had my traditional first dinner at Jake’s, where I had my traditional pina colada that I can’t finish but that makes me pretty drunk anyway.

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