… (see post immediately below this one about the University of Michigan), it doesn’t get much more cutting edge than the University of Kentucky, whose recently inked agreement with various local vendors … well, let’s have UK’s vp for commercialization tell it!

Eric Monday, UK’s executive vice president for administration, said Monday that many universities were looking to form more partnerships with the private sector, partly to make up for decreases in state funding.

In UK’s case, that could be taking an athletics sponsorship deal and enlarging it across campus. Another example, he said, would be new signs around campus. Those could be paid for by a private company, which would get advertising on the signs.

Examples? Well, UK already has an oral history project – subject, Kentucky bourbon – paid for by “the Kentucky Distillers Association and Bourbon industry.” UK already has a dorm – name, Wildcat Coal Lodge – paid for by the coal industry. So what you do, see, is you put up big brand new signs directing people to the library and to the dorm, signs paid for by bourbon and coal, and the signs got a itty bitty part saying, you know, go here to find the library or the dorm, and then a BIG ol’ part that says


or, uh…

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One Response to “Speaking of retrofitting America’s universities as advertising venues…”

  1. Anon Says:

    Missed opportunity to have the coal industry naming the dorms, rather than the bourbon industry. Ultimate tie-in and perk for dorm residents.

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