Ah. With each clause, UD’s smile widens.


Very good brief backgrounder here.


The next big change, they say, came in 2006, when Congress passed legislation backed by the Bush administration that erased a requirement that colleges deliver at least half their courses on a campus.
The top regulator on higher education at the Education Department during this time was Sally Stroup, now general counsel for the for-profit’s chief lobbying arm, the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities.

“That’s when these guys took off,” said Tom Harkin, a former Democratic senator from Iowa who led a 2012 investigation into the for-profit industry. He said moving everything online made it easier for private investors to snap up failing schools and hide from regulators. Meanwhile, the schools invested heavily in lobbyists and making political connections that guaranteed access to federal student aid would be protected, he said.

“These schools went out and ran wild with government money,” Harkin said.


A fed’ral official named Stroup
Did the ol’ gov-to-biz loop de loop:
She made our schools trash
And sucked in the cash
But now it is time to regroup.

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5 Responses to ““‘We’ve come to expect these unjust assaults,’ said Gene Feichtner, president and chief operating officer of the huge for-profit chain ITT Technical Institute, which has been sued by CFPB, faces fraud charges from SEC and is under investigation by 16 state attorneys general. “”

  1. Sean O Says:

    Just another example of rugged individualists blazing the free market Capitalist trail. Inspiring.

    It wasn’t enough to eff the troops over in Iraq on endless mindless tours of duty, Bush n co. had to skin them on the back end allowing crony bullshit college profiteers to saddle our veterans w heavy debt and worthless degrees.

    God Bless America. Support our troops.

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Sean O: Let’s not forget the veterans’ quality of health care.

  3. Dr_Doctorstein Says:

    The privatizers are starting to realize there’s no need to wait until poor people grow up before ripping them off. The REALLY big money is in privatizing K-12. Think vouchers, charters, and “online academies.”

    Diane Ravitch is on the case.

  4. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Dr_Doctorstein: I’ve been avoiding that story because I know how much it will upset me. Plus I guess I have the excuse that it’s not about universities! At least not directly. But as the trash online schools fold, I suppose it’s time to re-focus.

  5. charlie Says:

    UD, unis are at the mercy of k-12, that’s where the “unfinished” product originates. And we should start calling uni admits ‘products’ and ‘inventory.’ Pretty much how admins, Wall Street and connected cronies think of all that ‘chow.’ Que Bonfire of The Vanities…..

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