The Pitino dynasty is at it again.


A father and son named Pitino
Ran two basketball teams molto fino
A whorehouse, sex tapes
And assorted odd scrapes —
It’s a screenplay by Q. Tarantino


UD thanks John.

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2 Responses to ““The Other Pitino is Dealing with a Sex Scandal at Minnesota””

  1. Porcophile Says:

    So these guys are depraved. They’re also dim — at least the one who posted the videos on his Twitter account is.
    Reminds me of the yobs who posted Facebook pictures of themselves with Gucci handbags they’d stolen during the London disorders a couple of years ago. Next thing they knew, the police were bashing their doors in.
    Why do they think it’s called “social. Media?

  2. Porcophile Says:

    “Social” media
    Sent from my iPad, which has a mind of its own.

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