Comment thread on an article about a sexual assault at Drake University.

A complicated case of he said – she said. Unfortunately, when a man reports sexual assault the claim is rarely taken seriously. (On a side note, the caption on the Drake photo says Magnolia trees. Magnolia trees do not grow this far north. Those are redbuds!)
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Years ago I had two magnolia trees on a residential property in Beaverdale. At least I thought they were magnolia trees!
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I found an article in the Iowa Gardener Magazine from 2014: “There are a wide variety of magnolias that can be grown in the Upper Midwest. Many of the deciduous magnolias perform well in our climate and range from smaller to larger trees.”
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2 Responses to “There’ll Always Be An Iowa.”

  1. Anon Says:

    Yeah, they look like Magnolias to me. 😉

    And haven’t these people heard of global warming, or is that still a plot by the Chinese? There’s all sorts of “southern” trees that grow in the upper midwest now, that couldn’t make it 50 yrs ago.

  2. dmf Says:

    comment threads are full of good fertilizer.

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