probably testify for the prosecution against Graham Spanier, UD links you to her first post (in 2011) about the Paterno/Sandusky story.

Cost of the scandal to Penn State as of January of this year: “a quarter-billion dollars and growing.”

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2 Responses to “As Penn State’s Curley and Schultz Plead Guilty and Thereby…”

  1. JackOH Says:

    Is there any way university professors can be persuaded to support a “traditional university”? Just scholars and students, minimal administration, only voluntary intramural sports, outsource support functions as a safeguard against crony ‘n’ patronage hiring.

    My guess is legislators are eager to cut university funding, and they’re likely to make a hash of things. There may be an opportunity for faculty to emphasize to legislators what universities are supposed to be about.

  2. dcat Says:

    When Curley and Schultz chose to plea
    One wonders if Franco could see
    alma mater was busted
    but still maladjusted
    And the students must still pay the fees

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