When the Dallas News even bothers posing the death penalty question for Baylor University, you know fans of the Baylor Rapists are allowing themselves to wonder whether their football heroes really deserve their full measure of devotion. “If there was ever a case that warranted a college football program getting the death penalty, this sure is it,” says one sports site in response the latest team-bonding-gang-rape-on-film allegation. Did the lads even stage dog fights? Did they drug the women?

Oh, pish. Not to worry. I defy you to conjure a scenario that would draw a serious NCAA penalty of any sort. Let alone the death penalty. Cuz we just love our brain-battered boys to death.

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One Response to “‘I suppose no college football team, ever, will get the death penalty again, because if that swamp up in Waco won’t be drained by the NCAA, no swamp ever will again.’”

  1. Mr Punch Says:

    I understand that Baylor is a problem for the NCAA because the malfeasance doesn’t violate its rules (and that Penn State was an aberration in this regard). What I don’t see is why, in the classic pattern, the coverup doesn’t do Baylor in. One would think that shielding athletes from disciplinary and legal consequences – an intervention to keep them eligible, similar to fixing their grades -might constitute an NCAA infraction.

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