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coach a bit of a hassle.

Louche Louisville again. Yes.

Now Coach Pitino’s guys argued that the penalty for running a long-established house of prostitution in a special dorm just for its teenage basketball recruits and their fathers should be, like, almost nothing because

… the “monetary value” associated with the strippers was so low — reasoning that Jo Potuto, who previously chaired the NCAA infractions committee and is a constitutional law professor at the University of Nebraska, found “absurd.”

… “To suggest it’s not as significant because there’s no monetary value,” [she] said, “well, I think parents would think paying a kid $1,000 is a whole lot more respectful in the way college athletes should be treated rather than giving them a prostitute.”


First, the parents didn’t mind fucking low monetary value whores either.

Second: Tell an eighteen-year-old lad trembling on the brink of the joy of sex that he has a choice between an orgy for him and his dad, with professionals who’ll do anything for them, and a check for a thousand bucks. Other opportunities to make a thousand dollars will present themselves to him; but this precious chance to bond with the old man while balling his brains out may never come again.


UD thanks Wendy for the update.

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4 Responses to “Giving head…”

  1. john Says:

    the “that’s what leaders do” smugness is really hard to take.

  2. dcat Says:

    I don’t get your argument under “Second”.

    You think that a Louisville basketball recruit is “trembling on the verge of sex”? Almost all of them would find it much harder to come up with $1000 than to get laid. A kid being recruited by a major basketball program has been treated like a young god for years and does not lack for female attention.

  3. Margaret Soltan Says:


    Those parties, Powell said, were primarily designed to lure basketball recruits to the Louisville program… [One recruit said:] “I knew they weren’t college girls. It was crazy. It was like I was in a strip club.”

    There’s high-school female attention and there’s professional female attention in an orgy setting. The strapping young Duke lacrosse gods also hired strippers (before everything went very wrong); Nevin Shapiro bought prostitutes for dozens of University of Miami gods. Every one of these guys knows what “impermissible benefits” means, and they still went for it. Why? Because it’s “crazy.” Because it’s a “lure.” Boosters and coaches wouldn’t do it if it didn’t work really well.

    A strong recruiting program already of course has a well-established “hostess” program, which may well include willing coeds (although for some reason people find these programs scandalous, and some schools have begun closing them down). Louisville, Miami, and other cutting edge programs went to the next level because it makes all kinds of sense to go to the next level.

  4. dcat Says:

    Yes, you’re telling me things we already know. You’re also telling me something different from your assertion that I am disagreeing with.

    YOU used the absurd phrase “Tremblng on the verge of sex,” and YOU are the one who assrted that they would choose the sex pros over a thousand bucks. It is that absurd pair of assertions I am disputing. Again, this is a world you clearly do now know, because anyone who is good enough to be playng at Louisville has been used to getting what they want from the age of 12 or 13. They will certainly take free sex. They will certainly take it from pros. But you are taking it well beyond that to asserting that they are somehow virginal little naifs for whom sex is some sort of holy grail.

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