Sing it.


To the benefit of Mr. Ross
There will be a tax write-off
Of massive size

Michigan will stand and cheer
Its charitable buccaneer
What a prize!

From nothing much to thirty mill
A splendid haul
Is guaranteed for all

But of course
Fed’ral courts
Are not as enthralled


The celebrated Katz/Levine
Will engineer the money scheme
What a scene!

The IRS and auditors
Will look away and gently purr.
Don’t be late!

Messrs. K and L. assure the public
Their deduction will be second to none

But of course
Federal courts
Are having less fun


The celebrated tax judge James
Unentertained by fiscal games
Has ruled against

Appeal begins without delay
When Mr. R. performs his tricks another day
And Mr. R. will demonstrate
The many clever ways to calculate

And tonight Mr. R. is topping our bill!

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