Member of the freshman class,
Texas Tech. Smiling cop-killer.

Don’t mess with our young ‘uns!

They’ve got guns and some of them will
blow your head off and lock down the campus.


Time to dust off Amazing Grace one more time.

That song is getting a real workout.


And it’s true what they say! More guns really do make us safer!


Cut the little one some slack.

According to the warrant, [the shooter] told … officers that “he was the one that shot their friend.” He also told officers he “f***** up” and he “did something illogical.”

Texas Tech does offer logic, but the wee lad with the gun hadn’t had a chance to take it yet. Maybe next semester.


Great timing, by the way. Yesterday, Texas Tech’s president gave a big ol’ speech on how great the school’s doing, but it can do even better! Today one of its new admits kills a campus policeman in cold blood. Talk about stealing someone’s thunder.

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2 Responses to “Can’t Wait to Do it Again!”

  1. charlie Says:

    Anyone who has taught high school/college recognizes that smug, entitled sentiment oozing from this jackhole…..

  2. Bernard Carroll Says:

    Yes, we recognize it. I asked myself whether he was interviewing for a movie role as the young Donald Trump.

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