… at the University of Florida.

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3 Responses to “Molding Young Minds…”

  1. charlie Says:

    Not only is UF’s football coach traveling in private jets, he gets paid $6 million/year….

  2. theprofessor Says:

    We just had two profs have to move out of our building because of mold issues. They did the whole testing thing, and the spore levels in their office suite were 10x-30x the max safe limit. There are eight other people in that suite, but their immune systems can deal with it–a good thing, since the university’s remediation plan is to do something some day. Maybe. We’ll think about thinking about it, anyway. Maybe.

    On a more positive note, the basketball team traveled over Thanksgiving to a luxury tropical resort for a tournament against teams that you probably never heard of unless you live within 20 miles or so of them.

  3. charlie Says:

    I think I know the business model of your uni. Force tenured profs to quit because of health issues, hire younger adjuncts who have the capacity to not get sick as quickly. All that extra money will help pay the debt service for the never ending building projects on your campus. Academics, schmakademics..,…

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