Da, is close to $85 million athletics debt at people’s university, but here is good news: Central Committee has just announced it is ‘implementing a budget management plan that will narrow annual deficits steadily until achieving slightly above break even in FY 2024′!

This is truly great news, and I cannot wait for totally deficits-free 2024!!

And remember, comrades – say it with me:

Success in athletics … is the biggest and best marketing tool a major university has at its disposal.

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One Response to “Comrades! Is announcing another glorious success in our latest five-year plan!”

  1. charlie Says:

    Is it possible to find a more tone deaf bunch of fools than athletic department administrators? In 2009, the state of Washington cut $500 million from the higher education budget. They looked, and saw that it was good, and slashed $600 million in 2011. The impact on Washington State U was professor layoffs and impacted departments.

    Letter To The Editor: Tuition Reduction Is Good For Washington.

    But none of that context seems to matter. Washington State U. hadn’t upgraded their athletic facilities in order to be competitive. If they didn’t appeal to Wall Street bond palaces for the loans needed for those improvements, how were they possibly going to get anyone interested in attending an academically collapsing institution? Jees, the apocalypse can’t come soon enough…

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