UD‘s old friend Scott Wallace, in The Atlantic.

She has written about him here. And here.

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2 Responses to ““[B]ecause he has the soul of a moralist—his grandfather was the progressive leader Henry Wallace, Franklin D. Roosevelt’s third vice president—and because Trump has a tepid approval rating of 42 percent in this normally Republican district, a strong anti-Trump closing message gives him a decent shot at becoming the fourth Democrat in history to serve the district that encompasses Bucks County.””

  1. walt slocombe Says:

    Not that it is a matter of any great importance, but Henry Wallace was on the 1940 ticket, and succeeded Garner,who served from 1933-41. So Wallace was VP during FDR’s third term, but in normal parlance, that makes him FDR’s second, not his third VP. (He was unceremoniously dumped by FDR in 1944, and replaced by Truman.)

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    walt: Thanks for that correction!

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