They seem to take things like this more seriously in Canada.

From the same article:

“There’s this really odd dynamic of ‘I really want to belong, I really want to be part of this team… and at the same time, you have to put up with this assault about something very personal, very private, and very scarring in order to prove your worthiness to be a member.”

Liberals, argue Judith Shklar and Richard Rorty, are people who believe that “cruelty is the worst thing we do.” UD agrees; she has always found the very deep, very twisted, very sexual masochism/sadism of this apparently common child’s play baffling and frightening. But UD has to deal with the fact that all over the globe the human race is cutting off clitorises with dirty knives and lacerating anuses with broken broom handles because …

What’s the cliche? Love is stronger than hate?

Nope. Hate – abundantly obviously – is stronger than love.

And not only stronger. Socially acceptable. If Argentine fans hate opposing teams and try to kill them, fine. If Reuben Foster hates his girlfriend and tries to kill her, fine. My beloved country elected a cruel paranoid as its leader; maybe, to reward him for killing our decency along with our institutions, it will reelect him. We like violence, we like hatred, we like cruelty. Liberal is a dirty word.

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3 Responses to “‘In light of the scandal, the school, which serves Grades seven through 12, has canceled all “events involving external groups, teams, and public performances” for the rest of 2018 and canceled the rest of the junior football season. The principal and president have both resigned.’”

  1. dmf Says:

    I get some aspects of wanting to see someone to suffer as part of revenge but this sort of cruelty for its own sake is thankfully alien to my own experience, tragically it’s quite common day to day, what a species we be…

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    If you ask cruel people what they’re about, they’ll almost certainly say God wants them to do it, or it’s a traditional initiation ritual and strengthens bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood or whatever. I have said often on this blog that I acknowledge the utility of extremely cruel rituals in shaping successful hypercapitalists who not only see people as means rather than ends, but enjoy incredibly destructive greed. The sooner a future Goldman Sachs vampire squid gets initiated into a really really vile fraternity, the better his career prospects.

  3. dmf Says:

    sure all sorts of rationalizations abound, none of which account for the twisted glee of bullies, yes institutions/hierarchies often feed on and into such traits.

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