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See the post just below this one, where the militancy that matters derives from Harvard medical school students.

Similarly, a med student at the University of Minnesota shows you, in this all-business, supremely clear opinion piece, how to eviscerate deans who can’t imagine adjusting to life without industry money.

While the militancy has to come from the students, we shouldn’t forget those other sources of moral clarity and pressure: High-profile professors unencumbered by greed, like Harvard’s Marcia Angell; and bulldogs in Congress like Charles Grassley.

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One Response to “It Has to Come from the Students.”

  1. Bonzo Says:

    Good eye, UD!

    It should be noted that the aforementioned Minnesota Medical School dean has been re-engineered out of a job as of July 1. The party line is that this has been done to save money…

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