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I’d as soon vote for her as vote for Trump. However…

… Marine Le Pen’s refusal to meet with a Muslim leader because he insists she wear a veil to the meeting is magnifique.

“You can pass on my respects to the grand mufti, but I will not cover myself up,” she said.

Absolutely. Lots of women are compelled to veil themselves; they need to see high-profile women around the world refusing to. It might help.

“Women ‘Furious’ as Ikea Sticks With All-male Catalogue in Israel: ‘We’re Turning Into Saudi Arabia'”

It’s a little late to start worrying about that.

‘Peter Wallace, an aspiring independent politician and former Hurstville Boys student, described the policy as ‘disgusting’. “This is teaching Muslim boys … that women are not their equal.'”

“Misplaced cultural sensitivity,” says someone else, and ain’t it the truth. The Hurstville Boys’ Campus of Georges River College, in Sydney, has decided it’s fine for some male students to refuse to shake women’s hands, Australia itself having no code of politeness, no cultural ethos, no sense of equity that might be offended by this.

But at least those involved in the decision and decisions like it are willing to defend themselves!

Georges River College principal Joanne Jarvis did not return calls or emails… Liberal MP for Oatley, Mark Coure, was at the Hurstville Boys’ Campus awards [graduation] ceremony [where boys refused to shake hands with women] in ­December but declined to comment. State Education Minister Rob Stokes also declined to comment… Opposition education spokesman Jihad Dib, a former school principal who is a Muslim, also declined to ­comment…

And UD is oh so familiar with this variant of the there are only a couple of thousand burqas on the street so who cares move:

Lydia Shelley, a lawyer and Muslim community advocate, dismissed concerns over the school’s handshaking protocol, saying “if you seriously want to address the issue of gender inequality … you could focus on Australia’s national shame of violence against women”. By comparison, she said, the handshake issue “pales in significance”.

No but if you really really seriously want to address the issue of gender inequality you should focus on global gun violence… Let’s go cosmic, shall we? That way no one will focus on the utterly trivial, so trivial you can’t even see it with a microscope, business of officially training teenage boys to be assholes.

Attention, University Development Offices!

Keep your eye on DEA/FBI raids of pill mills. One clinic operator currently on trial for everything from “violations of the RICO organized crime statute to illegal drug distribution to kickbacks to wire and mail fraud to money laundering” decided it was too dangerous to pocket the money he got for talking up his corporate drug supplier’s big drug – because a doc now in jail in Michigan for the same shit this guy’s on trial for pocketed his pharma money and look what happened to him.

So here’s what this guy decided to do, in order not to attract attention from the government.

[One] batch of emails [discussed in the trial] concerned [Xiulu] Ruan’s handling of the fees he collected for speaking for Insys. … Ruan … changed his procedure for handling the money after the Michigan case flared up… Rather than receiving the money, he’d begun routing the fees to various educational institutions, directly or through a charitable foundation, with recipients including the Medical College of Wisconsin and the University of South Alabama.

Good man! Good man! And there’s every reason why your university can also be the beneficiary of alleged drug dealers trying to hide their money from government investigators. Just set up a lunch with the most prominent pusher in your town and suggest your campus as a routing location.

Jeffrey Aronin: The Pride of Northern Illinois University

Who knows if he learned, as an undergrad and grad student at NIU, how to jack up the price of

his newly approved steroid — a cheap, generic offering sold in many countries around the world as deflazacort — [to] $89,000 a year after landing an approval to market it for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. According to a number of patient advocates, they’ve been buying the drug from overseas for about $1,000 a year.

NIU is so proud of him that they’ve given him the Medallion for Entrepreneurship and said a bunch of shit about what a great philanthropic warm-hearted person he is too.

Next year’s recipient: Martin Shkreli.

A mild night settles over New York City…

… after a warm bright February day. Strange it was, this warmth and sunlight, and UD walked like a demon all over town, as did everyone else. From Avenue to Central Park to Avenue, you could barely walk for the crowd. Though I don’t like crowds, I didn’t mind this, because it was life and beauty (the Metropolitan Museum was Grand Central Station), the overflow of happiness in a suddenly mild and sunlit world.

Three Soltans on a bench in Central Park.

Joanna Soltan walks into the Met and
immediately encounters a fellow artist.


UD spends this weekend in New York City. Assuming there’s a strong enough internet connection on the train this morning, she’ll be posting a bunch of stuff that’s been sitting around waiting to be posted. Ne quittez pas.

Rumbles: Tumpkin

Your university’s coach is an alleged domestic abuser, but you need him to coach a game. What to do? What to do?

Ah, fuck it. The game must go on. We can come up with some cover story about why we let him coach after we knew about the charges against him.

[The University of Colorado] says that the reason they did not take any personnel action against Joe Tumpkin until Jan. 6, in spite of the fact that Mike MacIntyre, Rick George and Chancellor Phil DiStefano knew about the allegations of domestic abuse on Dec. 9 or shortly thereafter, was that they did not have documents “from a court or an investigation by police….”

Since when does the university have to have documents “from a court or an investigation by police” in order to, at a minimum, pass the information they have about possible sexual harassment or discrimination on to the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance (OIEC)? Many cases of sexual harassment investigated by the university are not even reported to police. As the former director of the Office of Victim Assistance, and one who had a part in crafting sexual harassment reporting policy of that time (2005-2011), I know that the policy then stated that any mandatory reporter (anyone who had supervisory responsibilities) had to pass any information they received about possible sexual harassment to the investigatory office.

There were multiple trainings about this for faculty and staff. My understanding is that, though policies have changed since 2011, they have only been strengthened.

Unfortunately, the conflict of interest between protecting university high-profile sports athletes, coaches and staff, and the university’s commitment to end sexual violence and discrimination by campus personnel is once again rearing its ugly head.

As ever, the physically fit/mentally feeble people running the sports show at Colorado figured we’d all be fine with their bs. As ever, we’re not.

Get ready for Dottie Sandusky once again to go into…

… full-on denial mode.

Dam Good Poem

With everyone thinking about Oroville, UD shares Harriet Monroe’s little meditation on the ambiguity of progress.

During construction of the Aswan Dam, some antiquities were salvaged by moving them to the new lake’s banks; others were allowed to go under. Monroe notes the obvious goods of the dam (“starving mouths are fed”), and considers “the old gods of the desert” left to “sleep in the river’s bed.”


The Assouan Dam

There is a lake at Philae
Where once a temple rose.
Steel walls confront the river,
The great gates open and close;
And through parched wastes the wilful Nile
Obediently flows.

There is a lake at Philae
And starving mouths are fed.
The old gods of the desert
Sleep in the river’s bed.
So still in wave-locked halls they lie —
It may be they are dead.


When the New York Times Visits Chicago State University.

UD doesn’t know who the NYT thinks it’s helping – or hurting? – by running this bizarre hard-luck story about the CSU women’s basketball team. Barely a team, losing every game, attracting no audience, representing a school that – through every fault of its own successive corrupt leaderships – has destroyed itself, this group of players deserves our sympathy. Indeed, it deserves our outrage. But ultimately it deserves to be put out of its misery, along with the virtually empty institution that fails even minimally to prop it up. Almost no one attends, or graduates, from CSU. This scandalous drop-out factory continues to cost the taxpayers of Illinois serious money, most of which goes to on-campus fraudsters and off-campus lawyers.

CSU (here are UD‘s posts over many years about the place) is a little corner of North Korea in America. It cannot afford to keep the heat on. It’s a desperate deadbeat. It will not talk to the press, and it chills the free speech of its professors. Crazy North Korea launches missiles; crazy CSU launches football teams and marching bands (yes – it has plans to spend its no-money on these).

But let’s suit up!

The announced crowd at Jones Convocation Center, a first-rate arena, was 230, but the atmosphere was expectant. Players and coaches on both teams and a number of fans wore pink to promote breast cancer awareness. Allen, the Cougars’ best player, had been cleared to return after the effects of a concussion subsided.

Look at the photos that accompany the article to understand how inflated that 230 figure is. Ask yourself why the writers of this piece are trying to excite us with the expectant atmosphere, the breast-cancer awareness, and that gutsy post-concussion return.

There’s nobody home. There’s only some well-meaning Manhattanite at her breakfast table, trying to make sense of this theater of the absurd.

The NYT should be ashamed of itself, playing CSU for a scrappy up-and-comer in order to help keep a failed, expensive, and deeply destructive institution alive.

When a golden coach turns into a Tumpkin.

Joe “100 Chokes” Tumpkin couldn’t have happened to a more obvious school. Put University Colorado Football in UD‘s search engine and go to town on a twenty year history of rape coverup, academic fraud, and all the rest of it, non-stop. The only question is how much this latest beyond-squalid event is going to cost the school. Will it cost them as much as Penn State’s Sandusky? (Quarter billion and it ain’t over yet.)

Sometimes, all you need is the headline.

University of South Carolina Trustee Ditches Hitler Painting, Apologizes

Michigan State University Professor Pioneers Digital Rectal Treatment for …

back pain.

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