Just when you thought squalid Washington State University couldn’t fall any further…

… their massively overcompensated, violent, nutso football coach – the Roseanne Barr of the Gridiron – blasts out a hoax tweet, is informed it’s a hoax, and tells everyone who told him it was a hoax to fuck themselves.

[A doctored video] has been circulating for about four years among extreme right-wing conspiracy theorists; [it] splices elements of a speech [President] Obama gave in Belgium in 2014. The words are edited to make it seem like Obama told a European audience that “Ordinary men and women are too small-minded to govern their own affairs, that order and progress can only come when individuals surrender their rights to an all-powerful sovereign.”

In fact, as the unedited video and transcript of the speech shows, Obama was saying the exact opposite, discussing two visions of power in the world and arguing that authoritarianism was a threat to the international order.

Actually, the version where Obama’s saying the opposite is also doctored. Here is the actual original, from a speech Baylor president Ken Starr gave at Baylor when the rape scandal broke under coach Art Briles:

American universities are too intellectual to win football games; athletic victory can only come when professors surrender their rights to mentally retarded football coaches.

But giving the stupidest person in the state the state’s highest salary is only Step One.

The winning coach must also be a moral cretin, happy to recruit so many bad actors that WSU football boasts more arrests than any other team (here’s a loving defense of the goofy adorable lads).

He must be embroiled in endless expensive lawsuits against his former university football employers so that his current employer is afraid to fire him (lawsuits and buyouts and bad publicity oh my!).

Did I say afraid? Unable.

… Leach’s newly signed five-year, $20 million [WSU] contract means they have no power to coach up their head man on anything and have no financial resources to buy him out if push came to shove — which it most certainly would if they tried to rein in The Prickly One. Moreover … this episode ensures that no other Power 5 school would consider hiring Leach away.

He must contribute to the school’s already appalling overall deficit by adding a $67 million athletics deficit.

He must, ideally, be the foreman at so demoralized a football factory that students must lecture professors, at the end of every semester, on their responsibility to give them final exams.

He must coach at a school that responds to massive sports scandals by appointing new presidents who can say huh? Dunno. Just got here.

And if you’re Leach’s Washington State, which happily scooped up the notoriously mad bad Leach cuz it doesn’t give a shit about anything except football (even sportswhore Texas Tech fired Leach after he tortured a player), you’re going to show your keen sense of irony by hiring a new leader whose main life accomplishment is this:

President [Kirk] Schulz chaired the NCAA board of governors, the NCAA’s highest-ranking committee, from 2014-2016. The board ensures that each division of the NCAA operates consistently within the basic purposes, fundamental policies, and general principles of the association.

When UD read that, she almost peed herself laughing.


Commentary coming in, and as usual Deadspin’s got some of the best:

[The] irony of a guy whose entire career has been spent at the public trough JAQing off about government power is a thing of beauty.

This one has a country music song twang to it:

[H]e’s every aging white moron

(Mammas, don’t let your babies grow up to be…)


Sing it, Carly.

The concussed player you left in your office
The sound of you tormenting the kids
The look in your eyes like a nutcase
Your moronic conspiracy vid

You’re every aging white moron
Every aging white moron
The tweets, the lawsuits, the vileness, the sting
Of every little thing

Guess it’s our fault what you brought us
Our reputation’s dead on the floor
Why does your ghost still haunt me?
Cuz I can’t get rid of you no more


Another Deadspin winner.

I think we can all agree that tweeting racist memes about our first black President is an excellent way to recruit black athletes.

Southern Impoverished Law Center…

… learns the hard way that sliming good people for fun and profit can really cost you.

SPLC Pays $3.3 Million Settlement to Counter-Extremism Group It Called ‘Anti-Muslim’

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors hate groups, has apologized for including the Quilliam Foundation, a counter-extremism group, and its founder, Maajid Nawaz, in its Field Guide to Anti-Muslim Extremists.

Background here.

In New Jersey, artwork of the highest…


La Kid at …

… Donegal’s Silver Tassie

…for a friend’s wedding.

“[23-year-old] Jeremy [Webster] stated that he has mental health issues and just (started) a new prescribed medication today,” the warrant said. “Jeremy admitted that he used his Glock 19 handgun to shoot [five] people and that he secured the firearm in the trunk of his vehicle after the shooting.”

Defend the right of insane 23-year-old mass murderers to own Glocks!

More on Bourdain.

[T]he biggest problem with suicide is that it is genuinely a good solution. And to get outside of it, to live with it, and to effectively take all that pain and find a way to give back and help the world is something most could never imagine. In that sense, what Anthony Bourdain did was Herculean.

Watch as images of two of the Soltan Fangors appear.

Our other two will be featured in Bonham’s New York auction this November.

Need more information before you buy? Scroll down to page 105.

The beautiful world of American…

gun rights.

Native Russian Overteased Hair Threatened by Influx of Non-native Genes

Everyone’s talking about Duma member Tamara Pletnyova’s warning about World Cup miscegenation. Of all the coverage, UD‘s favorite is this Nigerian paper, which has the best picture of Pletnyova and the best bad English.

The Dutch: The next vile, discriminatory people to outlaw the burqa.

What a rogue’s gallery. Quebec Province, France, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Norway, Belgium, Turkey: All have total or partial burqa bans. Germany and England will probably have them soon. And now the Dutch are on the verge of a partial ban.


Destroy your kid through negligence, get a Get Out of Jail Free card.

Good to know that in Michigan, at least, American parents can throw beer and gun parties for their teenagers and, when one of the kids gets killed, get off scot-free.

Dad swore up and down he “never kept ammunition in the residence and said he didn’t know how a bullet made its way into the home on the night of the fatal shooting” and of course this being America the judge bought it.

The AMA seems really tired of mopping up all the blood. Though in this case the unlucky issue of just one more American gun nut killed himself with that mysterious bullet instantly, so it was a case for body baggers rather than physicians.


Message to gunnies about the new mean AMA:

If you disagree with the AMA, you’re welcome to boycott doctors and hospitals. I’m sure YouTube has a video somewhere about how to treat your own gunshot wound.

Royally Screwed

Even in flamboyantly corrupt Spain, justice occasionally gets done.

Free Women Make Iran and Saudi Arabia Isolated Pawns.

Yet another chess champion says you can take your compulsory veiling and stick it up your clerical ass.


Giuliani: “I’m DEFINITELY getting one of those NDAs …

for my fourth wife. One like Stormy’s.”

Ira Rennert says: Yes? And what’s the problem here?

North Carolina’s Court of Appeals has rejected a Massachusetts woman’s plans to complete work on her 24-bedroom rental home on the Outer Banks.

A three-judge panel unanimously ruled against Elizabeth LeTendre of Needham Heights, reversing a trial court decision. Her attorney tells The Daily Advance of Elizabeth City he plans to appeal to the North Carolina Supreme Court.

LeTendre says the $4.6 million house north of Corolla is a single-family home…


So North Carolina doesn’t understand what a single-family home is?

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