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Saturday, February 12, 2005


'[Reuters, Feb. 12, 2005] In a blow to the Australian film industry, production on the Russell Crowe - Nicole Kidman romance "Eucalyptus" has been postponed indefinitely because the script was not up to scratch, its studio said Friday.

The Fox Searchlight project was scheduled to begin shooting Monday, and both Kidman and Crowe have been in Sydney taking part in rehearsals.

Said Fox Searchlight Pictures president Peter Rice: "After consulting with all the creative elements involved in 'Eucalyptus,' we have collectively agreed that the screenplay is not where we need it to be. For that reason, we are postponing the production."

Fox Searchlight, the high-flying arthouse arm of News Corp.'s 20th Century Fox, plans to remount the film when schedules permit.

The Australian film industry had looked forward to the return of two high-caliber locals to Australian shores to work on an Australian story.

"Eucalyptus" tells the fable of an Australian widower who plants hundreds of eucalyptus trees on his land. He tests his daughter's suitors by making them identify every species. One succeeds, but by then Ellen (Kidman) already has lost her heart to a handsome stranger (Crowe).

Crowe, Kidman, writer-director Jocelyn Moorhouse and producer Uberto Pasolini, issued the following statement: "Despite everyone's efforts during recent days and weeks, the script of 'Eucalyptus' needs more work. Unfortunately our availability prohibits us from completing this work at this time. Therefore, we have agreed that the best thing to do is to postpone shooting until the project's foundation is solid." '