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Friday, May 25, 2007

Two Auburn University
Scholarship Recipients

'Grade changes on the transcripts of two Auburn University football signees from Mobile are under investigation by the Mobile County school system and the NCAA Clearinghouse ...

Superintendent Harold Dodge confirmed to the Press-Register on Thursday that several grades of one student graduating this week from B.C. Rain High and another from Williamson High were changed on the students' transcripts. Later versions of the transcripts had higher final grades than what the students originally earned, Dodge said.

"There seems to be some variance in the scores," Dodge said. "On a first blush, it looks like either the first transcripts were really wrong" or the grades were changed for some other reason.

That may have helped the students become academically eligible to play football at the Division I college level, officials said.

Both students whose grades are in question have received scholarships to play at Auburn, according to officials close to the situation.'...

---alabama press-register---