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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Where Are They Now?

The unspeakably dull, the totally over Ward Churchill story persists, I'm afraid, and UD, being the sort of blog compelled to follow significant university stories, must update you on it as it lives its long, lurid life.

Ward's made the news lately because the University Colorado committee that, on Churchill's request, reviewed another university committee's recommendation that he be fired, just came up with a recommendation not to fire him, but to suspend him for a year.

... Three of the committee's five members recommended suspension, according to a copy of the committee report provided to The Associated Press on Wednesday. The other two members said he should be fired.

Churchill's work was ``below minimum standards of professional integrity and ... requires severe sanctions,'' the committee concluded. It said Churchill ``committed multiple acts of plagiarism, fabrication and falsification.''

In a list of arguments against dismissal, it said his case ``shows misbehavior, but not the worst possible misbehavior.''

The committee said he did not fabricate data to obtain grant money, did not endanger people's lives by ignoring research standards and did not damage the progress of important research.

... CU President Hank Brown has until May 29 to decide what punishment, if any, Churchill should receive....

So basically, anything short of Josef Mengele, and you'll probably be okay.