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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

William Frawley... a letter to the local Fredericksburg paper, explains a long-ago arrest:

'The personal incidents ... concern a stalker who followed my wife and my attempt to stop him and to protect her. Here is a summary of what transpired.

More than 20 years ago, my wife was repeatedly pursued and harassed across three towns by a man who refused to heed her repeated attempts to get him to stop. Two of those towns were locales where she lived before we even met.

After my wife and I met in Newark, Del., this man showed up again and continued to intimidate her. We notified police in Delaware about all the incidents, past and then- present. One night, the stalker showed up on our porch, and I intervened; the whole series of events that evening resulted in police involvement. In the end, the incident was completely expunged from the record, given the circumstances. Such was the conclusion to this unfortunate episode in our lives.

While I have apologized to the [University of Mary Washington] community before, I make no apology for having to intervene personally in this repeated-stalking incident of decades past. The disposition of this case over 20 years ago shows that the authorities well understood this event and its context.'