Amid the Jan 6 hearings, don’t lose sight of Dominion Voting’s ongoing lawsuits against…

… the insane clown posse. Update here.

“American Thinker” (the least appropriate name imaginable for a mindless rag) has admitted that EVERYTHING multiple AT writers published about Dominion Voting Systems was completely made up.

They’re really really sorry! It was a grave error… completely false…no evidence… no basis in fact and as a special offer just for you if you don’t sue us for a billion dollars the way you’re suing Sidney our managing editor will come to Toronto and go down on at least one and no more than three designated Dominion employees.

Please do not punish us for extensively publishing sick lies that led directly to a fatal insurrection which has damaged the United States of America beyond description! We meant well.

‘Dominion’s lawyers also say they have proof that the [Fox] hosts knew it wasn’t true [that Dominion’s voting machines were rigged to make Biden win]. That proof is in emails and texts they say show the journalists and producers discussing it off-air with far more skepticism than they ever did on-air.’

I know you’re not paying attention to Dominion’s lawsuit against Fox, but UD’s a huge fan of it, and she highly recommends that you start paying attention – especially cuz the cast of crazed conspiracists we’ve all been missing since the change of regime is back, and better than ever, courtesy of this ongoing case.

Lately we’ve merely gotten tantalizing glimpses of people like Sidney Powell via the Jan 6 hearings; it’s been far too long since the team assembled at Four Seasons Total Landscaping, etc. The beauty of Dominion’s $1.6 billion action is that through depositions and other forms of information gathering, the whole journalistic/legal derangis personae promoting Trump’s stolen victory will again be paraded before us. Watch for it.

‘”All you’re reporting to the public is that somebody – in this case, the president of the United States – has made the allegation of voter fraud by Dominion,” Dan Webb, Fox News’ outside attorney on the case, tells NPR. “I don’t know how anything could be more newsworthy than the president of the United States making the allegation, and his lawyers making the allegations in court, because that’s so fundamental.”‘

Oh what a tangled web Webb weaves… His whole defense of Fox against Dominion’s $1.6 billion defamation suit lies in the contention that a conspiratorial madman who launched his career with a mad racist conspiracy against Barack Obama and kept going, madly, from there (most recently, he believes he’s president of the United States, and has the highly classified documents to prove it), should be taken seriously by a national news organization. It’s like saying that, because mad King Charles VI of France thought he was made of glass, all of his subjects were compelled to refer to him as Your Royal Goblet.

Of course it’s noteworthy that a fully delusional person presided over the country; and if Fox had reported this, no problem. Dominion’s case is based on the unexceptional contention that news organizations should not collude in the destructive claims of a well-established loon.

“Yes, Powell is claiming that no one could possibly have believed her public allegations about Dominion were statements of fact, while simultaneously claiming that she herself believed they were statements of fact.”

Elizabeth Dye at Above the Law parses the desperation of Sidney Powell as she attempts to escape from Dominion Voting Systems’ $1.3 billion suit against her.

Damar Fell Because of Covid Vaccine, Says Charlie Kirk

The MAGA conspiracy theorist has fingered vaccinations as the cause of the football player’s on-field collapse; but Marjorie Taylor Greene has countered with a theory based on the player’s given name.

“DAMAR” backwards is RAMAD which is one letter short of RAMADA, the international hotel chain owned lock stock and barrel by George Soros in cahoots with Dominion Voting Systems. I leave the rest to you.

The book that’s gonna crack this whole ‘stolen election’ thing WIDE OPEN is about to come out…

… as soon as the publisher tweaks this and that detail so the same legal team that’s doing a bang-up job for Dominion Voting doesn’t start sniffing around…

Actually a few copies of Dinesh D’Souza’s pre-tweaked 2,000 Ghouls did get to bookstores! Go here to enjoy NPR‘s close reading. Turns out the greatest scandal in the nation’s history was all about two thousand members of the American Communist Party who drilled down into a system of tunnels under Interstate 10 and established a bunker from which they sent out Soros-financed “ghouls” who snuck in, under cover of night, to ballot-storage centers in key states. Once they established entry, they keyed in the security codes (provided by Facebook), took out all the Trump votes and replaced them with Biden. The whole operation, once in the buildings, apparently took seconds.


PS: Let the Bozo Beware!

Just after the 2020 election, a major Republican donor named Fred Eshelman gave True the Vote $2.5 million to assist in efforts to investigate allegations of election fraud. Just weeks later, Eshelman sued True the Vote in federal court, and accused the group of failing to pursue legal action in time to affect the election, and failing to communicate about what it was doing with those millions. Eshelman demanded that True The Vote return the donation. True The Vote denied any wrongdoing and refused to return the money. Eshelman’s lawsuit was eventually dismissed.

“Well, you’re the one with the dirty pictures.”

You know the old joke.

Trumpolatrous Newsmax keeps putting one-feather-short-of-a-bolster Mike Lindell on its screen; then it complains when this notorious dirty picture depicts obscene conspiracy theories about the presidential election.

Complains? His interviewer stormed off the set! Interviewees leave in a huff all the time; but interviewers? “Can we get out of here please?” the interviewer begged his producer as Lindell pant-pant-panted about ballot fraud; but he was stuck in dirty picture hell. So he hauled ass!

People are calling this segment bizarre, surreal. Yet to UD‘s eyes it’s just … It’s like a Romper Room that goes off the rails. It’s like those YouTubes that show two infants burbling at each other with a kind of initial wary friendliness and then getting more and more somehow meaninglessly belligerent, and then one starts bawling and her mother lifts her up out of her high chair, which leaves the other infant big-eyed, at a total loss.


Und why is Trumpolatrous Newsmax, of all places, shutting down stolen election rants?

Onaccounta Dominion Voting Systems is preparing its billion dollar defamation suit against it, and Newsmax is pissing its Pull-Ups.

Rudy Getting Suedy

Not that he cares. He’s in the same gerontic garden of delights as you know who, and no pissant $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit is gonna rain on his parade!

“Dominion was not founded in Venezuela to fix elections for Hugo Chávez,” the suit says. “It was founded in 2002 in John Poulos’s basement in Toronto to help blind people vote on paper ballots.”

In response to the lawsuit, Giuliani released a statement.

A lot of people are saying that actually Hugo Chavez is still alive, living in Toronto, an employee of Dominion Voting Systems. We demand that Chavez be brought to the USA and deposed in regard to his knowledge of Dominion conspiracies during the last presidential election. A lot of people are telling me that Chavez is in possession of explosive new information about fraud which will make what we have already revealed about vote tampering look like small potatoes.

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