Get ready for budget-exploding lawsuits from the parents of the raped football players at Damascus High School.

Multiple people with direct knowledge of Damascus’ football program have stated “brooming” was an annual event. Suspect Will Smith, for instance, reportedly told police, “’the broom’ started generations ago.”

During a press conference Monday, Montgomery County State’s Attorney John McCarthy acknowledged he too has heard similar claims about a violent, twisted ritual.

… So far no civil lawsuits have been filed against Montgomery County Public Schools regarding the Damascus incident. However, a source has confirmed to ABC7 that two of the four victims have retained a prominent local attorney.

“I think the victims in this case may have some civil causes of action against the school system,” McCarthy concluded.

‘In light of the scandal, the school, which serves Grades seven through 12, has canceled all “events involving external groups, teams, and public performances” for the rest of 2018 and canceled the rest of the junior football season. The principal and president have both resigned.’

They seem to take things like this more seriously in Canada.

From the same article:

“There’s this really odd dynamic of ‘I really want to belong, I really want to be part of this team… and at the same time, you have to put up with this assault about something very personal, very private, and very scarring in order to prove your worthiness to be a member.”

Liberals, argue Judith Shklar and Richard Rorty, are people who believe that “cruelty is the worst thing we do.” UD agrees; she has always found the very deep, very twisted, very sexual masochism/sadism of this apparently common child’s play baffling and frightening. But UD has to deal with the fact that all over the globe the human race is cutting off clitorises with dirty knives and lacerating anuses with broken broom handles because …

What’s the cliche? Love is stronger than hate?

Nope. Hate – abundantly obviously – is stronger than love.

And not only stronger. Socially acceptable. If Argentine fans hate opposing teams and try to kill them, fine. If Reuben Foster hates his girlfriend and tries to kill her, fine. My beloved country elected a cruel paranoid as its leader; maybe, to reward him for killing our decency along with our institutions, it will reelect him. We like violence, we like hatred, we like cruelty. Liberal is a dirty word.

International Soccer: A Place for the Globe’s Disaffected to Riot.

[I]t is because of the hooligans that many regular fans stopped going to the stadium. Dinamo Zagreb are a good example of this. Their Maksimir stadium is the largest in Croatia, with a capacity of 35,000, but their average attendance is a shade over 4,000. Their hooligans, the Bad Blue Boys, occupy three tiers of one stand behind a goal, but the rest of the ground is empty. Their dedication has driven everyone else away.

… When fans go to the stadium, they are corralled by police in riot gear, herded into the stadium and body-searched. Police treat football matches as a riot waiting to happen and often seem as if they want one to occur, if only to break up the boredom – in Germany, they get paid more when they are forced to wear their riot helmets, which many fans feel makes them prone to starting and exacerbating trouble rather than stopping it. The situation that created the Hillsborough disaster – that is, a total breakdown in trust between the police and football supporters – is recreated again afresh. The old adage that treating people like animals makes them act like animals is played out everywhere.

… For many of those involved with violence, their club and their group are the only things that they have to hold on to, especially in countries with failing economies and decreased opportunities for young men. Ideas of bruised masculinity and masculine alienation filter heavily into this argument as well. It is rare that young, successful men with jobs and families go out of their way to start fights on the weekend at football matches.

Now that details of the alleged ‘astonishingly cruel and violent rape’ by Damascus High School football players…

… are public, parents and students should be hopping mad. How is it that a dangerous gang of rapists was admitted to the school? Some of them apparently already had serious police records.

In this instance, they raped children. Fourteen year olds. Classmates. Teammates.


Admitted, hell; these are football heroes. Students are instructed to go to their games and cheer.

Pschaw, say their lawyers. It was just hazing.

And hazing is totally legal and American as apple pie!

Pschaw further, say their lawyers. It’s the fault of administrators who didn’t keep an eye on the lads.

UD‘s pretty sure administrators not only didn’t keep an eye. UD‘s pretty sure administrators ran very fast in the opposite direction when they saw the gang coming.

So why were these guys sitting next to unsuspecting children in the classrooms of Damascus High School?


Whoops. Every one of them turns out to be a stellar human being.


New Zealand coverage. You can’t buy this kind of international publicity.

‘One of the attackers got expelled from a [Montgomery County Public] High School last year for assault and it appears that at least 2 of the others got expelled from their High School last year and got bounced to Damascus. Parents need to show up to Hungerford Drive and demand that MCPS ends the practice of bouncing expelled students to a different school in the same county.’

Ah, the public school system. Maybe your university will be lucky enough to have some of these young talented football players/alleged rapists on your team someday.

“Michelle Wolf responds to Trump trashing her comedy with a taunt about Khashoggi: ‘I bet you’d be on my side if I had killed a journalist'”

Nice comeback.

‘On Nov 9 (Friday), Malaysian delegates to the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) on human rights in Geneva, Switzerland reportedly defended the practice of infant female circumcision as a “cultural obligation” in Malaysia.’

My Country

We’re proud to acknowledge that it’s
A cultural mandate to blitz
The joy of our girls
By taking their pearls
And blasting their pleasure to bits

God sayeth Lo cut off their clits!
Uncastrated woman commits
A sin in my sight!
Under cover of night
Take babies and rip out their slits!

‘Many people are close to the edge at any given time, for a variety of reasons. In a country full of guns, most of those that go over the edge choose the simplest path and take their own lives. And some act on other impulses. This will not change. This will get …



There are many degrees of complicity in the moral universe, apart from simple guilt: unconscious collusion, deliberate negligence, and gross deliberate negligence among them. Historians of violence will consider all these in passing verdicts on our gun-obsessed society and on the politicians who did nothing to rein it in.

It’s handy to have a gun in the house for when your demented 11-year-old decides to kill his brother and himself.

Now, you make sure you put it somewhere he can find it, ya hear?

‘Once Again, Some of the People at a Mass Shooting Had Almost Been Killed in an Earlier Mass Shooting’

Mass gun slaughter: It’s everywhere you want to be!

‘The weapon used in the attacks was a broomstick. One of the suspects told police it was a tradition going back years at the school. Another suspect is quoted saying it had happened to him in years past as well. The victims told police they had heard rumors about what they called “brooming,” but thought it was just a myth, not a tradition.’

Which – if true – is why the principal of Damascus High School, near UD‘s house, was foolish to write in her initial public statement that the rapes were limited to the school’s junior varsity football players.

Background here. As you know if you read this blog, anal rape and high school football go together like a horse and carriage.

Pediatric Dentistry…


‘Whenever I read another so-called great American writer, the beauty of the sentence is not quite there. The humour is not as sharp, the profundity not as deep.’

A director of one of Don DeLillo’s plays describes his reaction to DeLillo’s writing. It’s my reaction too.

He interviews DeLillo:

Retirement … wouldn’t suit him the same way [it did Philip Roth]. “Everybody is different and there are always distractions. But I feel I have an idea in my mind I need to work on. And when I’m able to sit down and put my fingers on the typewriter, things are moving along pretty well. These days I’m much slower. I can’t work at the same pace. But what the hell, I’ll keep going. It’s what’s keeping me alive.”

A Professor Gunned Down…

in Florida.

The 21-year-old FSU student she was with was also murdered.

Motive? Too early to say but here’s a guess: The student broke up with the killer, or wouldn’t date him …

So many murders. You’ve probably already forgotten about her colleague.

Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker Says the Other Thing that Needs to be Said about the University of Maryland Debacle.

The University of Maryland is located in Prince George’s County, and Baker has had an excellent working relationship with the school’s president, Wallace Loh, who was dumped by football interests. From Baker’s statement:

Throughout this situation, Dr. Loh displayed a level of candor and courage that are a testament to his character. I applaud him accepting moral and legal responsibility for Jordan McNair’s death. It was a sign of true leadership, guts and integrity. It is unfortunate that instead of rewarding him for his courage, Dr. Loh was punished for doing the right thing.

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