He wasn’t cut. He was just gently nicked.

Large numbers of students boycotted a lecturer at Trinity College who declared that mutilating the genitals of little girls can be, you know, more than fine under the right circumstances. He was denounced by every doctor in Ireland, and by the head of the Muslim community there. A professor of medicine at the school said he’d quit if Trinity didn’t infibulate Mr Calm Down Little Girl It Ain’t So Bad.

Well the dude was an adjunct and easily removed, but of course he’s suing now for back pay or whatever. Apparently he wants to be made intact again.

Leading Muslim Gets His Clit …



Some are calling for more than a wholesome nick. More even than a kindly little circumcision. Some are calling for full removal.

That way, Trinity College Dublin won’t have to put up with daily headlines like Trinity Professor Calls for Female Genital Mutilation.

Keep the barbarians outside the gates.

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