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Friday, May 21, 2004


University of Utah

Academic year 2004 - 2005

NOTE: With the university's thirty-year ban on concealed firearms on campus recently overturned by the state [for background, see Christian Science Monitor May 10 04], new classroom protocols are in place. Please answer the following questions. Feel free to expand on your comments.

1.} If you carried a concealed gun during this class period, did you feel safer?

2.} What aspect of this course's subject matter compelled you to arm yourself for it?

3.} Describe any gunplay that occurred in this class.

4.} How well, in your opinion, did the professor handle the onset of any hostilities?

5.} Are there elements of the professor's teaching approach that may have encouraged the outbreak of armed conflict?

6.} Was it your impression that the professor carried a concealed weapon?

7.} If so, did your instructor ever have occasion to threaten the class with its use, or was the professor able to avoid having recourse to his/her gun?

8.} Did this professor's teaching style attract and hold your interest, or did you find yourself, out of boredom, polishing or playing with your gun?

9.} How powerful a weapon did you bring to this class? Do you vary your firepower depending upon course content (for example, more power for a more polemically oriented course)?

10. In keeping with certain related developments in the state (see, for instance, the town of Virgin's mandatory gun ownership law), some members of the university community are calling for mandatory gun ownership for students, faculty, and administrators. Do you think this would be a good idea? Why or why not?

11.} Based on any personal experience, please rate the timeliness and efficiency of the following campus personnel when summoned to your class:

a.] hostage negotiators;
b.] emergency medical technicians;
c.] suicide intervention experts;
d.] SWAT team.