Scathing Online Schoolmarm scathes through the desperate auctioning of a house.

Harcourts Westside, under the visionary leadership of Ty Cueva, announces the auction of the unparalleled Somma Estate at 10697 Somma Way.

The house has gone unsold for over eight years, during which the asking price has plummeted from 100 million to 75 mill to 30 mill to ok how bout please rent it for 200 thou a month. Cueva auctioned it last March, and the current listing only says pending. The dude is some kinda visionary.

In an unprecedented move in the luxury real estate market, Ty Cueva, CEO of Westside Property Group and the driving force behind Harcourts Westside, has listed The Somma Estate for auction. 

Unprecedented used as a synonym for humiliating. Interesting.

The Somma Estate stands apart in its fusion of opulent amenities and homely elegance. 

The writer’s zeal to convince you that a 40,000 sq ft construction feels warm and homey leads her down a perilous path to homely, which means ugly.

[The house has] an extraordinary 21 bathrooms.

For the discerning billionaire with chronic explosive diarrhea. Extraordinary.

It’s a self-contained utopia offering a 25-meter indoor pool, steam room, sauna, fitness studio, and even a full-size indoor basketball court, all enveloped in the warmth of a family home.


 The Somma Estate is introduced to auction with a starting bid of $30,000,000, a pivot from its previously higher price points. This decision underscores Harcourts Auctions’ commitment to fostering competitive bidding while making the property accessible to a broader range of affluent buyers.

We’ll take anything! What can you pay?

Les UDs Get a New Roof

Way loud all day long.

Excellent prep for World War III.

‘[Those camping on city streets] will have time before facing arrest. During their first encounter with officers, they will be educated about the ordinance and offered services, food, shelter, and transportation. If they disregard the notice, the next step would be a formal trespass report, with enforcement on the third encounter.’

This is how it will go in Lakewood, Washington. UD will follow the story there.

‘Delaware County Prosecuting Attorney Eric Hoffman called Hedrick “a total disgrace to the medical profession” during the sentencing.’

“Hedrick is a convicted felon and a complete, utter, and total disgrace to the medical profession. I call upon Indiana’s medical licensing board to immediately revoke his license to practice medicine,” said Hoffman.“

Harsh words. But at least he takes a nice preppy mug shot.

Soon to be an everyday occurrence

LA Police Officers Shot During Traffic Stop With AR-15

Every July, the heart-stopping hibiscus.
‘”I finally agree with Donald: It would be a huge mistake to elect the oldest candidate in American history,” [Mary Trump] wrote, adding the hashtag “#KamalaHarris2024.”‘

With 81-year-old Biden stepping away, Donald Trump, at 78 years old, is now the oldest remaining presidential candidate.

‘In Pitkin County—home to Aspen—officials slashed the maximum new home from 15,000 to 9,250 square feet last November, noting that a big house raises “greenhouse gas emissions and increases environmental havoc.” Now, they are eyeing a further cut to 8,750 square feet.’

‘Builder Phil Kouffman warned more building restrictions could make living in East Hampton [NY] “impossible,”‘ and you can certainly see what he means when you consider this typical 9,000 square feet house.

You show me the family of midgets small enough to squeeze into this space. Impossible!

Big Daddy and the Long Hot Summer in Clay Alabam.

The city manager of lil ol Clay tells its library board what books it can and can’t buy, although the board is spozed to be a governing sort of thing. ‘[Even] small items like rugs must be approved by [the city manager] before being purchased for the library, “like we’re going to our daddy,'” says the board chair.

Now the city manager has decided that along with lezzies and the like, the library has to keep out …


UD anticipated this problem long ago, when some communities decided books bout jest bout anything should be censored. It don’t take a genius to know that once you open the I’M OFFENDED door you’re on your way to empty shelves.

But ain’t this point of the offense-taking ? Why the hell should our ignorant town have a library at all? “Ignorance is like a delicate exotic fruit; touch it and the bloom is gone,” says Lady Bracknell.

It’s getting harder to prostitute your mcmansion.

Basically it’s an empty whorehouse; might as well make money off whores.

But the coppers are on to you, bro!

Biden drops out.

‘Bout time.


What’s happening now with Joe Biden
Makes the other side think that it’s died and
Gone all up to heaven.
For 24/7
We’re watching Adventure Poseidon

There’ll always be a San Francisco.

… Phil Matier, a former political columnist at the San Francisco Chronicle, … asked all the [mayoral] candidates: Would you support criminal consequences for homelessness? 

Unsurprisingly, most candidates didn’t have a straight answer, and many tried to deflect the question. But the moderator pressed each until they gave their position. 

[Ahsha] Safaí deflected until the moderator had to jump in and ask him for a clear answer on whether he supported criminal consequences or not. Safaí could only offer “maybe,” which left the crowd laughing. 

Et tu, Barack?

The unseen but clearly felt presence of Mr. Obama in particular has brought a Shakespearean quality to the drama now playing out, given their eight-year partnership.

‘If one of your main lines of attack on Trump is his mendacity, it was probably not a great idea to tell the entire country that Biden was, in Joe Scarborough’s words, “far beyond cogent. In fact, I think he’s better than he’s ever been — intellectually, analytically…”’

UD has taken a break from MSNBC. Used to watch it all the time. Can’t anymore. I hope that will change.

The comment is from Andrew Sullivan.

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