The All-American Murder/Suicide

Just two days after Olin Johnson shot his wife and then himself to death, his neighbors invite you to this afternoon’s celebration of his life:


Bloodsoaked bodies are still warm, but this will be a wholesome Mormon hoedown, promising “warm memories!” A maniac with a million guns in his house just up and slaughtered his wife with one of them. Let’s celebrate!

Wealthy, well-connected Olin had a big ol’ church to help him, plus a psychiatrist or two out in American Fork, Utah. Did he consult any of that as he descended into madness? Did anybody around him (he had six grown kids and tons of neighbors/business associates) wonder whether they should at least be a mite disturbed by the fact that Olin had turned his house into an armory? “Hey, Olin’s acting real weird. Shouldn’t we try taking his guns away?”

Ah fuck. As if anyone could imagine anyone in Utah – aka Suicide Central – saying something like that.

Sig Sauer: Chose this for his FB photo. Guess it was his favorite out of all of his guns.


No basking on the black volcanic sand

Imported here by antiquarians —

Sun Protection Factor:  Vesuvian.

That is, a skeletal and scorching strand

Ghost coast of ancient Roman carrion

Dead viticulture under dense black vine.

Visitors must be made to understand:

The parching here is post-millennian.

Dead dash to the Mediterranean.

‘The lawyer representing Mrs Macron and Mr Trogneux presented their electoral cards to the court, proving that they had both voted in the European Elections on June 9 – in different towns.’

Ah, but the “Mrs” Macron one was a body double!

At Melbourne’s Jewish Museum…

… the little boy Mr UD’s mother saved – by hiding him in her Warsaw apartment from 1942 to the end of the war – visits a display about her.

UD thanks Sandy.



There once was a Rep. name of Friske
Who liked to live life at high risk
He slipped on his gripper
And shot at a stripper
To which all I can say is tsk tsk
‘Serge Klarsfeld, a Holocaust survivor and France’s pre-eminent Nazi hunter – who tracked down Klaus Barbie, the Gestapo butcher of Lyon, in Peru – now says that he will back [Marine Le Pen’s far right Rassemblent National] in the second round because it has changed. He is more afraid of the far Left.’
Comment les choses changent.
Louisiana solidifies its ranking as the worst state in the union.

What more can we do, its legislature asked, to make sure that for all time and in all categories we rank at the very bottom?

Oh. Right!

Pretty much everyone steals; but since this blog has a special interest in universities, we’ve always focused on how people steal from universities.

Certainly we’ve learned, after many years, that med schools, engineering departments, and above all bigtime sports programs, are fraud central; but, more recently, IT managers are, fraudwise, really sitting pretty.

Yale thought it was being clever when it imposed a $10,000 upper limit on med school computer-related purchases signed off by only one person, but Finance Director Jamie Petrone-Codrington was all over that one. With patient stealth, for more than ten years, she racked up charges, gave the equipment to someone who fenced it, and stole 30 million dollars.

Where the fuck were Yale’s auditors? Damned if I know.

Same deal, more or less, at today’s hapless ripped off institution. “After receiving approval to purchase hundreds of items of IT equipment by falsely claiming the equipment would be used or installed at university locations,” Webster University’s IT director “sold that equipment to a third-party.”

In the horse and buggy days of this blog…

UD‘s coverage of illegal drug distribution featured a crusty old pill mill proprietor named Buster, and his best bud/pharmacy owner Lloyd, way down in Russellville Alabam. Out front of Buster’s place (What a Wonderful World Pain Clinic) long lines of pale pierced men hid their faces in oversize sweatshirts and funny thing is all the cars in the parking lot had Ohio license plates. Local Doc Ching-Ting Peng, just over from Taiwan, spoke no English, and had the sorest wrist in Russellville from signing a million empty prescription slips a day.

It was a rickety kind of bidness, sure, but didn’t nobody bother nobody and it was full of real interesting characters and everybody all over Akron got their very own fatal overdose. In the unlikely event the shit hit the fan and the boys got shut down, they moved to Phenixville and renamed the place Praise the Lord Pain Emporium.


Course now it’s all slick city folk who figured out how to put it all online and advertise all over social media and make – I mean, let’s say Buster and Lloyd and Ching-Ting divided like 300 thou a year among themselves – the folks at Done digital health pulled in hundreds of millions before the Justice Department finally noticed. You buy a membership in the thing and they’ll sell you all the Adderall you want forever, no questions asked. ‘According to the complaint, one Done member described the company as a “straight up pill mill.”’

‘[I]nheriting money means waiting around for someone else to die.’

Nice work if you can get it. 

Provided you live long enough to see results. “Instead of 60-year-olds giving to 30-year-olds, it’s going to be 90-year-olds giving to 60-year-olds,” says Chuck Collins of the Institute for Policy Studies.

My heart bleeds for the late-middle-aged children of healthy old rich people, it really does. 

It’s a problem for all of us: baby boomers now account for half the combined net worth of the US.

Is this another one of those stories about boomers ruining everything? 

I’m afraid it is, yes.’


Amusing back and forth in the Guardian.

No wonder he chose him for…

… his spiritual advisor.

Yawn. Why does the media cover these things?

Two mass shootings in 24 hrs. So nu? 400 million guns in private hands and you don’t think mass shootings will occur on a more or less daily basis? Price of freedom, baby. Price of freedom.

Faithful readers know that UD predicts American mass shootings will be covered not at all in a few years. Way not newsworthy. They’ll be like coronal mass ejections – routine disruptions of no earthly consequence.


CEOs at Trump meeting:

Ex-president ‘meandering’ and

‘doesn’t know what he’s talking about’

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