Nice Serve!

It’s all in the timing.


By the way – this blog can also reveal that Nick Kyrgios will be Donald Trump’s chosen running mate in his next presidential bid.

GO NRA! Another Commie Bites the Dust!!

[Philadelphia Mayor Jim] Kenney complained of a lack of gun control in Pennsylvania. The holiday had started out “laid-back” and “chill” before … multiple shootings, he told reporters, “but we live in America, and we have the Second Amendment, and we have the Supreme Court of the United States telling everybody they can carry a gun wherever they want.” He went on to say he would “take care of guns” if he could, but said lawmakers “won’t let” the necessary gun-control measures go anywhere. “This is a gun country, it’s crazy, we’re the most armed country in world history and we’re one of the least [safe]. Until Americans decide that they want to give up the guns, and give up the opportunity to get guns, we’re gonna have this problem,” he said, before adding: “I’ll be happy when I’m not… mayor.”

Darren Bailey Releases his First Campaign Video.

Trump’s candidate for Illinois governor hits the ground running.

Garrett Park Fourth of July
“The more types of mammals you have in your yard, the better for creating sustainable balance.”

A University of Delaware ecologist speaks.

Anyone who reads this blog knows UD‘s gardens, front, sides, and back, are massively mammalian. Man, I found a MINK in my garden once.

Sometimes I try listing everything that’s out there, but I’m sure I’m forgetting stuff.















ground hog

Plus reptiles, insects, and avians! Never a dull moment.

As the Fourth Approaches, UD Pens a Patriotic Song.
Sing it.

O Bezumbia! the gem of the river,
The yacht of the richest in the world, 
Your size makes the whole planet quiver,
Before you our bridges all unfurl.

 Yes before you our bridges disassemble.
Five hundred million spent on only you!
Thy selfishness makes decent people tremble,
Three cheers for the red, white, and blue.

Your yacht wing'd its wide ostentation,
And threaten'd our bridges to deform,
An icon of super-greed's creation,
Bezumbia sails its vileness thro' the storm.
A Cool Million

Almost there.

And then there was the very large black ground beetle…

… I found in front of the fireplace this morning, overturned and waving its legs about in an effort to right itself. Mr UD took it outside. I think it might have slid down the chimney, since I always forget to close the flue. The whole episode was shamelessly lifted from Metamorphosis.

As Uncle Miltie would say…

There’s no free lunge.


(This is Uncle Miltie.)

(Mandel Ngan/AFP via Getty Images)
Now y’all keep all them guns in the hands of homicidal nutbags, ya hear?

And that’s what freedom looks like in Kentucky, baby!

Margaret’s Nature Journal

We’re seeing a young red fox almost every morning, around 8 AM, in and around our pollinator garden. Looks like this (photo, Colleen Bruso):

It walks calmly through the bee balm, unaware of us, doing a last-minute rabbit check before returning for the day to its den. It is a beautiful, elegant animal.

The fantastic evening firefly show, followed by the morning fox, makes these summer days and nights mesmerizing and surreal.

A hundred million signatures / Are happ’ning ev’ry day!

Not that many. But the Clarence Clearance initiative is moving at an insane pace. We’re already on our way to 650,000, and new people are signing the petition every second.

‘This Conservative Editorial Board just Absolutely Trashed Donald Trump’

Huh yeah but every one of them applied for a job at Mar A Lago last month and I turned all the losers down…

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