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Tuesday, May 04, 2004


The banana, the Celtics cap, the nose rings,
The randomly uprising sneezes and the class response -
Bless you!
Yes, bless you on this darkling plain, ranged with dark things:
Exam books from Picasso's blue period; gray pens like unlit wands;
Gray sweatshirts with cryptic insignia; prewashed dirty jeans.

It's open book, but no answers lie within.
Quotations from Kleist and Kafka, yes, but not what anything means.
So you sit, guilty of dust and sin,
Pondering from your sad depths the scenes
Replayed before your rifling fingers
Of pregnant virgins and beetles with apples on their backs;

Pondering how it is that that nice I.B. Singer
Could turn out to have so black
A worldview. Well, all of them do.