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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Maud Newton...

...links to Felicia Sullivan, a Columbia University MFA who offers a little stream of consciousness in response to the Slouka attack on that program:

[M]y response: A - fucking - MEN. The comic highlight of my year? A letter from Columbia asking me to donate money to the MFA program and its students. Are you kidding me?! I wish I could have gotten some of my money back from some of the incompetent professors who i’ve suffered classes with (including a professor who told a whole dinner party of students about my cocaine “problem” and subsequent leave of absence almost two years before, because well, everyone knew about your little problem, felicia - REALLY? THAT’S NEWS TO ME. GREAT TO KNOW I’M THE TOPIC OF GOSSIP IN THE ADMINISTRATION), half the students who were straight out of ivy league colleges, brimming with attitude and felt they knew more about everything than everyone …, so few teaching positions that you have to complete against PHD candidates for, scholarships that are laughable, and endless favoritism, networking events (i’ve only heard this because I refuse to go to one) that resemble awkward cattle calls, and boy, could i go on. I thought about shutting my mouth and saying nothing, but I’m sure the administation at Columbia couldn’t stand me anyway, so no matter.

Sometimes I wish I would have gone to New School. Then I wouldn’t be grinding my teeth to the roots in my sleep, fretting over fucking student loans.