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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Snapshots from Home
A Regular University Diaries Feature

On this spectacular spring day, eye-popping azaleas all over the place, UD went to the town center -- a building called Penn Place --

-- to cover the dedication of a sculpture to her town, Garrett Park, Maryland.

Faithful readers know that UD is a reporter for the Garrett Park Bugle, the town newspaper (whose circulation falls far short of the circulation of this blog, which averages 740 visits and 1,047 page views per day at the moment, for which I thank you).

Anyway, UD’s standing there in the crowd, scribbling in her notebook, when a friend from town comes up to her. “I see you have a blog. I discovered it Googling ‘Duke lacrosse.’ My father’s a history professor there, and my niece went there. The stories I've heard over the years about the lacrosse team! ... Do you know what they call girls who date players? Lacrostitutes.”

UD enjoyed learning this new word, which already has an entry in the Urban Dictionary.