Back on the Burqa Beat…

UD enjoys this video (scroll down) from a Harvard talk about the blinding muting burqa as a vehicle of female empowerment.

‘The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.’

Yet another state enacts a death with dignity law. That makes eight.

Getting there.

Pimping your 16-year-old girl for twenty thou right here in the US of A…

… and beating her to a pulp for refusing the client.

In honor of International Women’s Day…

… read and learn. This is the way ambitious university women are cut down to size – pretty much, in this case, the minute they get to campus – by powerful, institutionally inept men and their, er, micro-aggressions.

UD imagines almost every woman who has gotten anywhere in this country has dealt – verbally or in writing – with this particular condescending Big-Man-to-Small-Girl thing.

In this case, the president of one of America’s shabbiest, most ill-run universities received a letter of complaint from a student. No biggie: She just didn’t have anywhere to liveno housing, because Howard University boasts a long history of global administrative incompetence paired with surly treatment of desperate unhoused students. In response to her reasoned letter, Howard’s president wrote this:

Your tone and tenor is inappropriate.


After which, in a final snippy and princely sentence, he told her he’d copy her letter to the ‘appropriate’ offices at Howard.

So… you’re nineteen years old, just arrived at an expensive college you and your parents can barely afford, and the highest representative of that college has just told your roofless self to fuck off and learn how to address the boss man. How to worry not about a place to live, but that you’ve been insufficiently cringing in your approach to a rich, powerful man’s university-destroying greatness.

What can I say, girlies? Rather than scrutinize pathetically your pathetic humiliated female self, the thing to do is EXACTLY what this woman did: Put your letter and Mr Big’s letter side by side on social media, and watch it all go beautifully viral. Brava.

More good news for our side.

Britain’s most senior woman judge has called for tougher rules on compelling women who wear the Muslim veil to show their faces when giving evidence in court.

Baroness Hale of Richmond, the deputy president of the Supreme Court, said “ways have got to be found” to ensure that the Islamic face coverings, such as the niqab, are removed for key parts of a court hearing.

Eventually Britain will join the civilized world and ban the burqa/niqab altogether. These are some of the steps one takes toward it.

When a State ISLAMIC University Bans the Burqa…

… you know there’s hope for that religion.

A big win for our side.

Agnès De Féo, a French Sociologist, is Doing the First Post-Niqab/Burqa-Ban Study…

… in that country. She has been interviewing large numbers of women who fully veiled their face and body and now, under pressure of the new law, have stopped doing that. Details of motivation from the two women she features here are sad – even pathetic – and confirm my belief that many full-veilers, far from the principled, autonomous people we’re invited to imagine, turn out to be troubled and confused and acting under various forms of male Salafist pressure.

Once ardent defenders of the right to wear the niqab, both women have now completely abandoned it. But the transition took place gradually and was accompanied by a growing distance from extreme Salafist ideology.

Despite the law, by the way, they could have continued wearing the niqab/burqa – a local businessman has been paying the fines of any woman who wants to continue wearing in France. Or of course they could have buried themselves in their houses, given their professed belief that any woman who ventures outside not fully covered is an infidel.

A woman who wore the niqab for five years and “was one of the most radical women I’d ever met,” is now into tight jeans and “living again … after years of being locked up.”

After repeated rapes by her father-in-law, says the other woman, she veiled herself to “escape from the trauma of rape. … The niqab protected me, I liked hiding from men.” She was loosely affiliated with a terrorist group.

One of the women, Alexia, “has even become a fierce opponent of the Islamic veil and Salafism.” Yet after being under the thumb of extremist men, she needed another man – also an extremist, but not a niqabist – to tell her to take off the thing.

When he saw my physical condition, he asked me to remove the niqab – he feared for my health. I had worn it to please Allah, but because of the lack of sunlight I wasn’t synthesising vitamin D any more – my health was failing.

Interesting that the vitamin D deficiency argument against the burqa/niqab – typically ridiculed by freedom to fully veil enthusiasts – looks to be (obviously – if you get no sunlight, you get all kinds of physical and mental problems… Sunlight being pretty basic to land-based animals… ) correct.

This also goes to the masochism – the niqab/burqa as equivalent to the Christian hairshirtUD has also long noted in the wearing of a garment that tortures and sickens. My rickets will please Allah.

Shockingly, this woman says: “When I took the niqab off, I felt like I was getting out of jail.” Who da thunk it.

UD’s never been even remotely keen on commentator Mona Charen…

… but the woman does have balls. She was courageously reality-based in her remarks to the baying CPAC crowd.

“I’m disappointed in people on our side for being hypocrites about sexual harassers and abusers of women who are in our party, sitting in the White House, who brag about their extramarital affairs, who brag about mistreating women, and because he happens to have an ‘R’ by his name, we look the other way, we don’t complain,” said Charen, a senior fellow for the Ethics & Public Policy Center.

… “The Republican Party endorsed Roy Moore for the Senate in the state of Alabama, even though he was a credibly accused child molester,” she said. “You cannot claim that you stand for women and put up with that.”

At that point, boos erupted from the crowd. “Not true! Not true! Not true!” one person yelled. “Prove it!” shouted another person in the crowd.

But Charen wasn’t done. She took aim at CPAC for inviting Marion Marechal-Le Pen, a French politician and the latest member of a far-right French political dynasty to come to prominence. Le Pen was well-received in her speech on Thursday praising Trump’s “America First” agenda.

“The only reason she was here is she’s named Le Pen, and the Le Pen name is a disgrace. Her grandfather is a racist and Nazi. She claims she stands for him,” Charen said.

The crowd then broke out into loud boos, but Charen wasn’t fazed. “The fact that CPAC invited her is a disgrace,” she said.

If Charen plans to hang around the conference, UD recommends this innovative ballistic package.

Trinity Professor Calls for Complete Excision of Clit-Slashing Colleague

Ronan Collins calls for no half-way measures – not a harmless nick here and a harmless nick there – but full surgical removal of the faculty member at Trinity College who loves him some mutilated female genitals.

Collins says: “I will be handing back my academic title of clinical associate professor [of medicine] if I feel the university’s response is not clear and firm in dealing with the matter.”

Especially if you’re a professor of medicine, the realization that there’s another professor somewhere at your university, in a position of authority and respect, who thinks torturing and mutilating little girls is a good idea — it’s simply too disgusting. Unbelievable, actually. Bravo, Collins.

“[A] person who would advocate, openly and without shame, for a universally condemned, dangerous and evil practice whose sole purpose is to torture and subjugate, has no place in Trinity’s community of learning.”

Dublin’s Trinity College has not yet fired the female genital mutilation enthusiast on its faculty. So far, all it has done is hire another person to teach the same material at the same time, so if you, say, would rather not learn from a depraved person, you don’t have to.

On the other hand, for those female students who enjoy sitting in a room for hours, looking at an adult male, and finding it impossible to avoid imagining him slicing off their clitoris, you’re good to go. He’s still on the faculty, and you can enjoy his company for the rest of the semester.

The president of the Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union – quoted in my headline – thinks he should be fired right away, but… well… you know. Some people think it’s culturally insensitive to respond strongly to rituals that to be sure might be alien to us but no doubt have some good in them… I mean, it’s his religion and all.


The obvious upside: People in Ireland are really stirred up. The fact that Trinity – Ireland’s most important university – harbors a barbarian has galvanized millions of people. The more attention female genital mutilation gets, the better.

Hopeless Hopeless Hopeless Hopeless

Lindsay Shepherd’s Song

(Sing it.)

There is a school in north Ontario
Witch hunt, Orwellian, despair
Urgently I need a different place to go
All its faculty’s bizaire

Open windows to my students’ souls
Higher thought on the rise
Then came the commissar patrols
Throwing shadows in their eyes

It’s just hopeless hopeless hopeless
Hopeless hopeless they lie to me now
Hopeless hopeless hopeless
Have to get out of here somehow


(Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!
Sorry you recorded what we said!
Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!
Can’t believe where this has led)


[T]hough social-justice ideology isn’t leading to the gulag, its worst forms have an obvious family relation to communism, complete with internal purges and hostility to dissent.

Leading Muslim Gets His Clit …



Some are calling for more than a wholesome nick. More even than a kindly little circumcision. Some are calling for full removal.

That way, Trinity College Dublin won’t have to put up with daily headlines like Trinity Professor Calls for Female Genital Mutilation.

Keep the barbarians outside the gates.

Another Pillar Falls

Sing it.


Why ah why ah why ah
Why did I let them drop abaya?
Why did I wander
To find what lies yonder
When life was so cozy in Al-Uyun?

Wondering while I wander
Why did I fly
Why did I roam?
Ah why ah why ah
Did I let them leave abaya?
Maybe I’d better go home

The Unraveling

Denmark seems on the verge of banning it; a judge in Australia has banned it from his courtroom. And then there’s Iran.

All over the world free people are beginning to refuse the veiling that hides and humiliates women.

Hey, look where you’re going!

Did you forget you live in a theocracy? Step lively, girls!

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