And you wonder why women wear burqas.

Not that it helps much.

Dutch Burqa Ban: Ho-hum.

In every country that has passed one, ideologues tried frightening people about how destabilizing it would be. Riots street violence blah blah. Country after country has seen calm and orderly implementation of a law that no doubt makes many otherwise swaddled women and children very grateful.

As for the fanatics out there who can’t imagine life unswaddled, or whose husbands threaten them unless they swaddle, there are so few of them that they are, I suspect, simply pitied and accommodated.

If I were anointed the PM for a day, I would put a ban on burqa and hijab for women in the country. … During my posting in Sawai Madhopur, I used to see women draped in burqa walking with four kids in scorching heat with their husband.

It was disgusting to look at their plight as her shameless husband walked along with her with all the unwanted and unnecessary pride. I always used to think if I can ban the burqa for these women

A media executive in India gets it said. There’s no way around the word “disgusting” in regard to such sights, and it’s good to see her use it.

‘Violations of the ban can lead to a fine of up to 150 Euros (about 162 dollars) and taking a required class in French citizenship education.’

France extends its now well-established burqa ban to everyone providing public services. Excellent. And if you’re having trouble understanding the separation of church and state, this secular republic will be happy to educate you in its citizenship.

UD, by the way, has been giggling at the argument some people lately make about masks and burqas. Like, uh, covid forces everyone to wear masks in order to save their lives and the lives of others in a global pandemic. How is that different from parents making their eight year old daughters wear burqas? Or women in the banlieues intimidated or beaten up if they’re not wearing burqas? It’s the same thing, ain’t it?

“Burqa … is an essential part in Islam which our mothers & sisters wear it by their own concern no one force them.”

Awhile ago, I said on this blog that I wasn’t going to cover the big-ass burqa story going on in India, because so much of it is in fact motivated by bigotry; but I’ll make an exception for this exceptionally stupid statement by an Indian politician. As one of many amused Twitter responders puts it:

If Burqa … is “essential” for Islam, then how can it also be by choice for Muslim women?

Egypt’s Top Public University Bans the Niqab…

… for teaching staff.

… Egypt’s High Administrative Court turned down … appeals against the ban in an irreversible verdict…

The swaddled masses yearning to breathe free are getting lots of good news from around the world lately – burqa and niqab bans proliferate left and right, particularly in the Muslim world. But there’s always a new story from Europe too, as in a Norwegian municipality where no public employee may sport full swaddling. (Norway already has a well-established ban on burqas and niqabs in academic settings.) The debasement and absurdity of total veiling in a world of human interaction is proving increasingly unignorable almost everywhere. No doubt all them adorable ISIS pix helped rivet attention to the garment.

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