The good news is Steve King lost.

The bad news is that his voice – which always brightened UD‘s day – has now been stilled.

Who else in our political culture will justify no abortion even in cases of rape or incest because there wouldn’t be “any population of the world left” if it weren’t for rape and incest?


But when God closes a door, he opens a window: Adrian Vermeule is just getting started.


95% of haredi math teachers [in Israel] did not receive a math education.

Don’t worry – I’m sure it’s much better here in the States. 90%?

Anyway. Really not to worry. Math beyond fingers and toes isn’t taught in haredi schools. So they don’t need any teachers.

‘Understandably, people whose neighbors have been eaten are less likely to take the long view…’

Fun sentence, this morning’s New York Times.

A Laff Riot

Written, starring and executive produced by [Timothy] Simons, [new HBO comedy] Exit Plans centers around assisted suicide. When assisted suicide is legalized in 2019, a man from California opens a small business helping people transition into death peacefully while struggling to keep ahold of his crumbling personal life. In short, he’s trying to figure out his life while ending yours.

The War on Boys…

heats up.

Quote of the Day

I’m not sure how saying someone looks like a child of “Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes” is racist. I thought “Muslim Brotherhood” was supposed to be a “good” thing and Liberals say we are descended from apes?

Bill Mitchell; quoted by Conor Friedersdorf

“Bob Mueller has been notoriously unhappy every time he has tried to be in private practice.”

“He just can’t defend guilty people. He’ll meet with a client, they’ll explain their problem, and he’ll say, ‘Well it sounds like you should go to jail then.'”


Hawaii Governor Didn’t Correct False Missile Alert
Sooner Because he Didn’t Know his Twitter Password

You can’t say the Council lacks a sense of humor.

Norway’s state-funded Islamic Council

used state funds intended for “bridge-building and enhanced communication” to hire an office administrator who uses a niqab that covers everything but her eyes.

Your Morning Giggle

“The only thing I would be impartial about is which prison he goes to,” one [prospective Martin Shkreli] juror said. That person was dismissed — as more than 250 were…

Your Morning Giggle

Great headline. The piece is pretty good too.

Insult Generator.

Highly recommended. UD put her name in and laughed long and loud.

Straight Out of The Onion

The Oxford University Press has warned its writers not to mention pigs, sausages or pork-related words in children’s books, in an apparent bid to avoid offending Jews and Muslims.


Your Daily Giggle

In yet another study, the Berkeley researchers invited a cross section of the population into their lab and marched them through a series of tasks. Upon leaving the laboratory testing room the subjects passed a big jar of candy. The richer the person, the more likely he was to reach in and take candy from the jar — and ignore the big sign on the jar that said the candy was for the children who passed through the department

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