The drag race, open to any idiot with thirty bucks, took place on a local landing strip; there was no seating for spectators, who gathered, as in a tailgate, along the strip, not far from the cars.

As the race concluded, “a car fishtailed into onlookers — including young children — after it crossed the finish line. There were no barriers beyond the finish line.”

Yeah, cuz once the cars are done, they go from 100 mph to 0 in seconds so you don’t need barriers there.

Two kids were killed and five people are seriously injured, including a three-month-old.

“Bråthen had a lengthy criminal history, including an incident in May last year in which he threatened to kill his father while carrying a handgun. Two relatives subsequently took out a restraining order against him. Bråthen also has convictions for aggravated theft and drug offences going back at least as far as 2011, and does not appear to have held a job since the early 2000s.”

And big rich Norway couldn’t find a way to put him in prison for a long time? Is it Norway’s policy to wait until radicalized career criminals kill five people and injure three others to jail them? How long will he stay incarcerated this time? Six months?

‘Blumenthal said that there was a widespread culture of drinking and bullying at the bank.’

It doesn’t take a genius to understand the social function of university fraternities in America: They exist to shape the character of postmodern capitalism’s most successful predators. The in-group viciousness you learn at Sigma Alpha Epsilon – with special attention to homicidal acts against losers – leaves you in a state of hyper-readiness for Goldman Sachs.

Slurp, slurp. Yummy!

“[T]he violence … is more than mildly sickening in its scale, its graphic presentation and its calculated gratuitousness. Well before the hero, Gi-hun (Lee), was playing the titular game in the final episode with a steak knife sticking through his hand, I’d had enough. Apologists can argue that the combination of businesslike dispatch and cartoonish exaggeration in the killing has aesthetic and thematic resonance, but nothing onscreen supports that take. There is little dread and even less emotion, just the logistical satisfaction of the body count…

[S]tylistic panache and mordant wit [allow some directors] to make outré violence feel like an organic element in their stories. In “Squid Game,” it’s just empty, bloody calories.”

“I met with officials in person and expressed my concern that the law could allow someone to remain here who obtained their immigration status fraudulently and posed a threat to our national security.”

And someone who is insane, and requires 24 hour police surveillance. But they didn’t watch him closely enough, and he grabbed a knife in a supermarket and started stabbing people, some of whom remain in critical condition.

Legal procedures for dealing with terrorists in New Zealand are also insane.

Absolutely chilling advance word has begun emerging …

… that at least one, and as many as three, Republican congresspeople plan to immolate themselves inside the Capitol as an act of protest against (in words that some are attributing to them) “Anthony Fauci’s slaughter of millions of innocent people, and Nancy Pelosi’s terror attack on this sacred building.”

Inspired by this iconic Buddhist monk, Rep. Jim Jordan and Sen. Rand Paul (these are apparently the most likely names) will set themselves aflame in the center of the Senate, in an effort, also, to distract attention from the ongoing testimony of policemen present at the January 6 insurrection.

Louie Gohmert, rumored to be a third self-immolater, has, according to some sources, said that he “no longer wants to live in a world in which Jake Ellzey beats Susan Wright.”

Obviously, if this rumored event actually happens, it will be an unprecedented trauma for the country, the ultimate twisted act of fidelity to Donald Trump. Whatever your politics, you’ve got to hope that their families and colleagues are able to dissuade these men from this grotesque act.

‘The honor code of “guarding your respect” and “he had it coming” endures, [one expert] said, adding that it’s possible to “risk your life just by insulting the L.S.U. Tigers.”’

Update/recap of the idjits in Louisiana who maintain that state’s distinction: America’s highest murder rate, now for the 31st year.

“People are armed to the teeth.”

I know you’re thinking New Orleans, but don’t forget Baton Rouge, home of LSU.

Boebert Unplugged

Her communications director has resigned! We are about to get this iconic American voice unfiltered, and UD cannot wait.

Rep. Lauren Boebert (not to be confused with Lorena Bobbitt) is an American original, a tax-noncompliant, QAnon-slinging, gun-slinging, rumored insurrectionist. Boebert is the embodiment of the Capitol-Trashers: Multiple arrests for violent behavior (to be fair, not all of it was her; some of it was her two big pit bulls), refusal to show up in court, violent hatred of authority, general propensity to violence. Boebert tweeted Nancy Pelosi’s movements during the insurrection.

A glance at Boebert’s impressive rap sheet reveals l’essence de Capitol-Trasher lifestyle: Nasty dustups with hubby when they both get a little, uh, hot under the collar; fights with neighbors; fights with cops; Defiant Oppositional Disorder when people request that she take her guns out of their face. Cap-Trash lifestyle means looking to pick a fight while bombing around in your pickup, Barrett M107s bouncing in the bed, pit bulls howling. That’s our Lauren; and why you wouldn’t want to be her communications director I have no idea but anyway she ain’t got one no more and hon LET. IT. RIP.

The First Martyr for the Trump Cause.

Trump must be thrilled – he actually got to watch one of his fanatics die of a chest wound on the evening news. Talk about Reality TV! A red letter day for our death-delighting (look at all them covid corpses) president.

With any luck, the MAGA contingent that defies the curfew, hits the streets of DC tonight, and starts killing people, will also be something Trump can watch from home.

What if the congressional coup-plotters had actually been able to succeed?

Many of the 81,283,485 Americans who voted for Biden would have taken to the streets — I would have been one of them — and probably stormed the White House, the Capitol and the Supreme Court. Trump would have called out the military; the National Guard, directed by governors, would have split over this, and we would be plunged into civil war.

That is the sort of fire these people are playing with. Of course, they know it — which makes the efforts of Hawley, Cruz, Johnson and their ilk even more despicable.

Thomas Friedman, NYT.


I think the coup-plotters find the prospect of the national violence they are trying to trigger exciting. Clearly many Trump voters find the prospect of national violence exciting. Kill and be killed. Let your hair down. “It’s the fantasy of violence that has captured the GOP,” writes Jeff Sharlet. ‘“If you don’t fight to save your country with everything you have, you’re not gonna have a country left,” [Trump said at a recent rally]. He appeared to be past caring whether anyone listening heard that as a call to violence.”

Cuz there’s nothing duller than domestic tranquillity.


An Islamist named Rached Khiari

Is tickled and not at all sorry

That fellow believers

Take massive meat cleavers

And make all free citizens quarry



‘“I think that the minute that you have a backup plan, you’ve admitted that you’re not going to succeed,” Holmes says.’

Here at University Diaries, we respond to high-profile fraud cases like the Elizabeth Holmes thing by scrolling back to the fraudsters’ university years. That happens to be our angle.

Stanford University celebrated its high-profile alumna – and why wouldn’t it? No one knew until a year or so ago that she was lying about her blood testing technology in order to get money out of investors – and one of Stanford’s celebrations quotes her wit and wisdom.

Which includes that thing about the lack of a backup plan… which, in retrospect, doesn’t sound all that wise. Assuming she’s no Bernie Madoff, chances are awhile back she realized she was hemorrhaging, and – having no backup plan… like, say, admitting there was blood all over the floor and returning investor money… she just kept, uh, bleeding out until the SEC noticed.

Robert Sutton’s “Peak Asshole”…

up close and personal.

“After he hit her, he didn’t even ask if she was OK. He just started yelling and swearing at her. I ended up walking over and told him twice to stop yelling at her.”

In a Facebook post from an urgent care facility, he said, “So first [bicycle] ride without the brace and some pedestrian wouldn’t move!! Centennial trial (sic) is not yours alone pedestrians!!”

… “I hate to slow down,” [Justin] Haller said when asked why he didn’t. “Most of the time people move. These people wouldn’t move,” he added, noting that the moms with strollers were part of the problem, too.

As we wait for the Chico Choppers to remember their court date…

let us recall that the object of American university fraternity sadism is usually human rather than arboreal. And let us note that no matter how far apart one fraternity culture is from another (urban Asian-American, rural non-Asian), the defining commitment uniting them is wanton viciousness toward helpless young men interested in joining their club.

This long New York Times article sensitively evokes the particularities of the immigrant culture from which many members of manslaughtering Pi Delta Psi emerge; yet how striking to see that, however diverse, these young men haze in exactly the same humiliating and sometimes homicidal way – including criminal neglect of the dying – as much more mainstream fraternities.

On May 15, three and a half years after Michael Deng’s death, [his fraternity brothers] Kwan, Lai, Lam and Wong again filed into [a] Stroudsburg [Pennsylvania] courtroom, where dark oil paintings of dead men hung on the walls, framed by dusty red drapes. Just two weeks before, eight brothers who belonged to Penn State’s Beta Theta Pi fraternity were charged with manslaughter in yet another hazing death, this one involving an 18-year-old pledge named Timothy Piazza. The similarities between the two cases — Piazza, like Deng, died after going through something called “the gauntlet” (though physical abuse was not part of the ritual) — brought out more reporters than might have been expected, and as they set up in the hallways of the courthouse, many of the questions were about Penn State.

(Not physical abuse; alcohol abuse. Piazza was basically made fatally drunk.).

One might recall here yet more cultural diversity/brutalization unity in the death of Robert Champion at FAMU… And of course one can name, over the years, yet others.

However different we Americans may be on the surface, we are apparently all one when it comes to deriving collective pleasure from abusing other people until they die.

Your Tax Dollars at Work…

killing people.


From the indictment.

Around May 2013, the indictment alleges [hospice owner] Bradley Harris texted [a staff member] to take over one patient’s care [from another staff member]. “I told this chick if she would just give her 1 ml of Ativan and turn her she would die,” the indictment alleges Harris wrote.

Harris sent another text, saying, “[expletive] woman is still alive … I need some boots on the ground.”

Stuart stayed in contact with Harris, while she gave medicine to the patient. The indictment stated he then sent a text about the need to medicate in order to justify continuous care: “We have very strict guidelines that we must be providing skilled nursing interventions at least ever[y] hour to stay in there.”

After the patient died, Stuart texted Harris, and he responded, “Nice work.”

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