November 1st, 2022
‘“My mother is a monster who enjoys torturing children for sexual pleasure,” said her son, who is expected to attend the sentencing in Alexandria, Virginia.’

Straightforward, clarifying words, as ISIS terrorist and all ’round sweetie Allison Fluke-Ekren awaits sentencing.

UD ain’t sure why garden-variety mentally challenged racist anti-semites like Ye, who will never do anything, get all the attention, while an existentially imperiling American like F-E gets quietly carted off to jail without anyone paying her the sort of attention she deserves if we’re going to protect ourselves from our bloodiest.

Kanye is safely all over the place (Christian/ Midsommarian/ Satanistian/ Nurembergian… Next up: Quilting Bees), while F-E has displayed, over decades, remarkable ideological stability, discipline, and resilience; she’s a real, highly trained, soldier, and she wants to kill all of us. She has killed quite a few of us, and UD thinks a long jailhouse interview, conducted by someone like Stephen Biddle, would be a service.

June 25th, 2022
‘“You’re going to cause riots in the streets,” [Eric] Herschmann testified telling [John] Eastman, to which he said the attorney responded that there had been “violence in the history of our country to protect the democracy or protect the Republic.”’

For UD, this is the most important exchange, so far, reported to the January 6 committee.

From Lara Trump’s giggling dismissal of a reporter’s question, long ago, about violent chants at Trump rallies (People are just “having fun.”) to Eric Greitens’ RINO butchery (Like Lara Trump, he says the ad was all in fun.), violence – and now escalating violence – has run through Trumpworld. I think we owe a debt of gratitude to John Eastman for cutting out the all in fun bullshit and simply stating the obvious. Far from disavowing violence, Eastman here schools Herschmann on the excellent history of violence in America. Indeed you can sort of see Eastman shrug and then smile patiently at Herschmann as he explains, in the way of Robespierre explaining things to less bloodthirsty comrades, that you’ve got to break some eggs to make an omelette.

June 22nd, 2022
Coulda Knocked UD Over With a Feather.

LAST two people I thought would divorce!


So. Let me tell you the truth. I’m not surprised. The mistake Murdoch made this time was marrying someone so old. He’s on a quest never to die, via marriage with the younger set. (One of his models seems to be Sumner Redstone.) This latest pairing, with Hall already in her sixties, made no sense to me, given the sex serum regimen he’s on. Number Five will be in her thirties, and this one will guarantee that Murdoch will never die.

April 25th, 2022
Vlady Depp

Only two channels these days: You can watch Johnny Depp fall to pieces, or watch Vladimir Putin fall to pieces.

High-steppin’ strutters now limping into old age, grandiose world-conquerors who’ve lost it all, both of these woman-haters currently bloat and tremble on the global stage as their badly over-played machismo bites them in the butt. Women, says Depp, famously, are “cum-guzzlers”; Angela Merkel and Hillary Clinton represent, in their freakish rise to male power, a personal insult to Vlad.

To be sure, one of these people might destroy the world, while the other has merely a film career to nuke (if you want to throw in Will Smith – currently staging a reincarnation in India – go ahead), but both offer the riveting and enlightening spectacle of the power of delusion and the delusions of power. Putin pursues a hopeless war; Depp presses one hopeless lawsuit after another, with profound carnage along the way. Our role is to be disgusted (and, in the case of Putin, afraid) as we fail to take our eyes off of the very worst outcomes of a reactionary ethos.

April 6th, 2022
Another American False Flag Operation
The “pope” condemns the Bucha “massacre.”
March 15th, 2022

[T]here’s also the element of his personal hatred for Hillary Clinton, and it’s not just hate her. I think it’s like Hillary Clinton was impossible as a U.S. president. To imagine that he would have to deal with her as a senior partner, a woman—I mean, he already has to deal with [German Chancellor Angela] Merkel. The lengths that he has gone to to assert his masculine dominance over Merkel is amazing. He literally sicced dogs on her. He has made indecent jokes in front of her, just to try to discomfort her. He hates dealing with a strong woman, and one as president of the United States would be just awful.

March 13th, 2022
As Les UDs game out global fates…

UD sings Tom Lehrer.

March 4th, 2022
‘[Eric Zemmour] made no mention in [his latest speech] of Putin’s repeated threat to use nuclear weapons. The man who presents himself as the saviour of his nation now finds himself aligned with a man threatening to destroy it.’

Zemmour is every bit as much of a violent nihilist as his loverboy Putin; these tiny Napoleons both dream of blowing everything up. (Which reminds me: Congrats, Vlad, for reducing Kharkiv to rubble!)

Putin’s getting his wish in this regard, but the world just might be able to stop him.

As for Zemmour, his poll numbers are tanking. There aren’t enough violent nihilists in France to put him over the top.

March 2nd, 2022
Yer darn tootin’ / He loved Vlad Putin!

Stephen Cohen. If you seek his monument, look around you in Kharkiv.

March 1st, 2022
‘If Zelensky falls, another leader will step forward. Even Russian-speaking Ukrainians have become anti-Russian. The scene depicted in Picasso’s Guernica, one of wanton and barbaric violence, is the best Putin can hope for: Conquering Ukraine will require unspeakable brutality, and even if Moscow succeeds on this count, foreign legions are flowing to Ukraine to assist an insurgency in bleeding Russia’s occupation.’

Even Russian-speaking Ukrainians have become anti-Russian.

February 28th, 2022
February 25th, 2022
February 24th, 2022
‘Like other authoritarians, he equates his own well-being with that of the nation and opposition with treason. He is sure that Americans mirror both his cynicism and his lust for power and that in a world where everyone lies, he is under no obligation to tell the truth. Because he believes that the United States dominates its own region by force, he thinks Russia has the same right.’

Madeleine Albright on the butcher.

October 24th, 2021
The drag race, open to any idiot with thirty bucks, took place on a local landing strip; there was no seating for spectators, who gathered, as in a tailgate, along the strip, not far from the cars.

As the race concluded, “a car fishtailed into onlookers — including young children — after it crossed the finish line. There were no barriers beyond the finish line.”

Yeah, cuz once the cars are done, they go from 100 mph to 0 in seconds so you don’t need barriers there.

Two kids were killed and five people are seriously injured, including a three-month-old.

October 14th, 2021
“Bråthen had a lengthy criminal history, including an incident in May last year in which he threatened to kill his father while carrying a handgun. Two relatives subsequently took out a restraining order against him. Bråthen also has convictions for aggravated theft and drug offences going back at least as far as 2011, and does not appear to have held a job since the early 2000s.”

And big rich Norway couldn’t find a way to put him in prison for a long time? Is it Norway’s policy to wait until radicalized career criminals kill five people and injure three others to jail them? How long will he stay incarcerated this time? Six months?

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