April 11th, 2024
Francesca Gino switches her specialization from honesty to crisis management.

Every day’s a new… challenge … for the Harvard B School whizkid. She’s already suing the school for 25 mill because some mean people analyzed her work on ethics and uncovered research fraud. Now a different set of mean people have uncovered plagiarism all over her books. Her technique appears to be chiaroscuro — a scattering of pieces from this place and that for an overall intriguing mix of elements which must have caught the eye of the mean people.  “Gino never reached out to me for permission to use my words and my thoughts, something that high school students do on a regular basis when asking if they can use my articles for their school assignments,” said one of her, uh, sources. To which Harvard University says OUCHIE.

March 27th, 2024
‘He has no students, is not teaching any classes and has lost access to his lab.’

Yet there he remains, smiling at you from the University of Rochester faculty pages. Now, if someone years ago had put his dissertation through a simple plagiarism check, UR might have been spared a lot of embarrassment, a black eye with grant-givers, and the drawn-out business of keeping his faculty page up while trying to minimize the possibility that he’ll pull a Gino and sue everyone for $25 million. A summary of the whole sordid tale appears here, but all you need to know is that whether the bully is Marc Hauser (like Francesca Gino, another Harvard winner) or Ranga Dias, or Berislav Zlokovic, let the journal/university/NSF beware: research misconduct is a Thing.

March 22nd, 2024
‘[T]he document makes the allegations of [Francesca] Gino’s misconduct look more warranted than ever.’

The closer you get, the worse Harvard’s Gino looks. This is from a Vox piece.

[W]hile there are many people who could have manipulated the data for any one of the studies, the only common denominator across all of them — over eight years — was Gino…

Between the dishonesty researchers who have one by one turned out to be dishonest and the cancer research that turned out to be reusing Photoshopped versions of the same test result pictures, the last few years have been full of discomfiting reminders that, yes, some [of the highest-profile] people will cheat to get ahead in science, and we lack a robust process for catching them.

Scientific integrity currently depends on the willingness of individuals to speak out when they see fraud, and it’s precisely that willingness Gino’s [defamation] lawsuit targets.

Background here.

March 15th, 2024
“Professor Gino’s repeated and strenuous argument for a scenario of data falsification by bad actors across four different studies, an argument we find to be highly implausible, leads us to doubt the credibility of her written and oral statements to this committee more generally.” 

Blame everyone else for the falsification, and sue the pants off the whistle blowers – Harvard’s Francesca Gino, having been outed, plays the cards she’s got.

But once it turns legal, once you make it legal, you run the risk that a judge will decide Harvard’s investigation into your apparently quite extensive research misconduct (and hey take a look at one of your co-authors, Dan Ariely!) should go public.

So we can all read your insistence, in interviews with Harvard’s investigators, that a bunch of incompetent underlings did it; or, if that doesn’t work, a malicious co-author decided to sabotage you.

February 17th, 2024
“[We demand] that UNR … conduct a review of its hiring processes, to ensure that senior faculty are held to at least the same standards of academic integrity as are undergraduate students.”

Ouch. Students at University Nevada Reno are embarrassed. The DEAN of their engineering school “has routinely used the pay-to-publish journal he owns as an outlet for subpar and even nonsensical papers, with the effect of drastically inflating his apparent productivity.” They want the … entrepreneur (more details here) to resign, which he certainly won’t do, and which the school won’t pressure him to do — mainly because it’s just a terrible school, and it’s unlikely to know or care what research misconduct is.

February 10th, 2024
‘Orban has for years campaigned to protect children from what he has described as LGBTQ activists roaming the nation’s schools.’


October 28th, 2023
Et tu, Buffy?

One of wee UD’s folk song idols.

August 25th, 2023
Out of the frying pan into the


August 3rd, 2023
Ya gotta have a gimmick.

If you want to get ahead.

Like Donald Trump, one of these two has turned around and sued everyone in sight (for massive damages) for having had the gall to point out fraudulence.

Let’s see what Dan Ariely does. He’ll probably sue too. I mean, go for it. Double down. What the hell.



This dude, a notorious, long-term fraudster, has finally been dumped by Florida State. Took them ages.


The lesson from all of this (and so much more) is: BEWARE SOCIAL SCIENTISTS BEARING STUDIES. But no one ever seems to learn it.

July 12th, 2023
UD’s Representative, Jamie Raskin, writes a letter to the chair of the House Oversight Committee…

… on which Raskin and a co-signer of the letter sit. They call for an investigation into how it came to be that the committee chair brought disgrace and embarrassment to the committee by enthusiastically sponsoring a witness/whistleblower who turns out to be a career criminal on the lam from the cops.

We are concerned that an official committee of the House of Representatives has been manipulated by an apparent con man who, while a fugitive from justice, attempted to fortify his defense by laundering unfounded and potentially false allegations through Congress. Although [Gal] Luft has been on the run for months, you touted him as a ‘potential witness’ and even prepared to interview him as part of your investigation. As recently as Friday, you described Mr. Luft as ‘a very credible witness’ about matters relating to the President’s son’s financial dealings with Chinese companies.’ … [We ask that you] immediately initiate an investigation into whether the Committee may have been unwittingly duped by Mr. Luft in furtherance of the Chinese Communist Party’s interests [he’s an unregistered agent!], as well as any potentially false statements made by Mr. Luft to Members of Congress or congressional staff.

July 11th, 2023
An unimpeachable anti-Biden source.

[Gal Luft] was arrested in Cyprus in February on charges of willfully failing to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (“FARA”), arms trafficking, Iranian sanctions violations, and making false statements to federal agents.

He’s currently on the run.


Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson claimed on Sunday, before the release of the indictment, that authorities had arrested Luft “to silence him,” and called for the fugitive to be granted immunity. 

You tell ’em, Ron!

June 29th, 2023
‘The Italian Ministry of Education argued that Cinzia Paolina De Lio was completely absent from her workplace during her first decade as a professor, and [she] justified her continued absence in the next 14 years with a variety of documents, from maternity and breastfeeding leaves to permissions to assist disabled family members.’


June 24th, 2023
AND She Teaches Ethics.

Via her reader, Seelye, UD learns of the latest iteration of way-bogus psychology scholarship.

She’s named Francesca Giro and she has a really cool website.

We’re all looking for easy steps to a better brighter you, and Happiness + Efficiency experts oblige us with studies showing that, like, thinking of eating meat makes you more boorish and less social. (I read this particular result, from world-famous Diederik Stapel, to Mr UD, who laughed merrily.) H+E experts (Dan Ariely – a co-author of Francesca Giro’s! – Marc Hauser – who shares with Giro the Harvard affiliation – Jens Förster, etc.) are always flooring us with amazing whodathunkits, and we fall for this shit every single time cuz it comes out of Harvard or cuz we just want to believe it or because we’re thrilled by the weird.

But Uri Simonsohn (a name known to readers of this blog) doesn’t fall for it. At all. He finds discipline-destroying lies enraging, and sets about, with a couple of colleagues, to keep the field reasonably clean through exposure of research fraud. The miscreants make stuff up and manipulate numbers in order to keep generating attention-grabbing amazements and giving amazing TED talks re: the amazements and Uri’s right behind them, running the numbers.

How can we protect ourselves from marauding high-profile psych frauds?

Step One: If something sounds bogus, it’s probably bogus.

May 24th, 2023

“In Canada, estimates are that between 100,000 and a quarter million people are pretending to be indigenous… About 25% of indigenous university faculty in Canada are estimated to be frauds.”

Jean Teillet

May 11th, 2023
Yeah, I know. Another pretendian.

Here’s the long version, from the relevant campus paper.

She’s, like, totally innocent and only claimed the identity cuz ma and pa told her she had it; it never occurred to her to, like, confirm it before she began reaping its bennies. Whoops!

[O]thers are … skeptical of [Elizabeth] Hoover’s intentions… [Another academic of confirmed Native American extraction] has “long been baffled” by Hoover’s claim to Native American descent, and … Hoover’s statement comes as “no surprise” to herself and many other Indigenous scholars. [She commented that] “it is bizarre if not unconscionable” to claim to be Indigenous without confirming genealogical relationship or legal connection to a first nation“She deliberately misrepresented herself,” [another Native academic] alleged in a statement. “Hoover was facing calls for accountability in American Studies back at Brown University... It is deeply upsetting to think of the higher education resources—from Williams College to Brown and now Berkeley—that could have supported the professional advancement of a young Native woman scholar instead… It’s important to note that Hoover never apologized for wrongdoing in her statement.”

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