May 16th, 2022
Russia: Time’s running…


March 3rd, 2022
John Kerry said of him, “He tested positive for being an asshole.”

But most of the information about this no-name politician, who just voted against a resolution expressing support for Ukraine, points to psycho more than asshole. The impression is that of a sadist who derives pleasure from withholding desperately needed things from people. I see the dude relaxing after work by locking all the bathroom doors in his house and watching in trance-like bliss as his children writhe in agony and beg to be allowed to relieve themselves. Daddy please PLEASE we’re begging you…

January 14th, 2021
A 128 National Ranking ain’t such Hot Stuff; but Watch that Already Unimpressive Number Plummet as Applicants Get a Load of …

… Mercer University’s mock trial courtroom honoring Whackjob Wood, Would-Be Vice-President Killer!

Despite manifold complaints from all directions, Mercer ain’t doin nuthin and UD thinks it’s cuz it’s positioning itself as the go-to school for Proud Boys, Boogaloo Bois, Identity Evropa, Richard Spencerians, and assorted Capitol bombers and Pelosi slaughterers.

January 10th, 2021
“We have other, richer, sources of money,” said Cruz and Hawley in a joint statement.

“Marriott, Blue Cross, Commercewhatever… No problem. Take all your donations away from us. Credit Suisse has been asked by the heirs of some of their most prominent account holders to transfer all of their money to us. Take that, suckers!”

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