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Sing it.

Let’s Hang on to Farkhad’s Yacht


There ain’t no good in our untyin’

The super sloop we made ours and my-en

But he’s cryin’…


Let’s hang on to Farkhad’s yacht!

Don’t let go now, we’ve got a lot

Got a lot of yacht between us
Hang on, hang on, hang on, to Farkhad’s yacht


He says that he and Vlad are gonna have a sit

Gonna end Ukraine and make the Russians quit

Make it up (Yes Putin really said it!)

Make it up (He says we won’t regret it!)


That little slip of army in Ukraine –

You give your personal word it won’t be back again

But you know it’s hard to believe

But you know we think you might deceive

Farkhad don’t you know

We don’t want the yacht to go


Let’s hang on to Farkhad’s yacht

Don’t let go now we’ve got a lot

Got a lot of yacht between us

Hang on hang on hang on to Farkhad’s yacht…

Love is a Many-Splendored Thing

A [divorced] teenage mother from Overbrook, Kan., Ms. Fluke-Ekren slowly embraced the Islamic State’s ideology...

[Her first ISIS husband] was killed in an airstrike as he was conducting reconnaissance for a terrorist attack …

… Ms. Fluke-Ekren married another Islamic State terrorist, a Bangladeshi man who specialized in drones and worked on a plan to drop chemical bombs using them. After the man, Wamiq al-Bengali, died, Ms. Fluke-Ekren married another Bangladeshi man, an Islamic State military leader who was responsible for defending Raqqa, Syria. He died while fighting for ISIS in 2018…

She was smuggled out of Syria in about May 2019 and married a fifth time, according to the statement of facts. But the couple separated…


My jet tried to make aliyah

It’s always loved Israel, da da
We approached Tel Aviv

But they forced us to leave

So now we fly on to Fatah

“These alleged actions do not reflect the values and standards of our program…”

No – at Penn State, we’re more about raping kids in showers than shooting guns into condos.

This evening, for Bloomsday…

UD shared a Guinness with Mr UD at the dinner table (pad thai with shrimp from Noodles and Co., since you ask). Holding her little glass aloft, she said A toast to the greatest English-language writer the modern world has ever seen. James Augustine Aloysius Joyce, I love you, and I will never stop reading you.

Mr UD went on a bit, during the meal (pad thai without the shrimp), about Habermas, and the rather different form of communication about which he’s obsessed. Joycean internal monologues are all well and good; the stories we endlessly tell ourselves about ourselves as we walk around all day are all well and good; but the understanding of rationality to include communicative rationality, and, on that foundation, the elaboration of a discourse ethics, is just as crucial…

All day, UD‘s been playing and singing songs that appear in Joyce’s work (she just performed Sweet Rosie O’Grady).

UD has read from Joyce at the Irish Embassy, at the Cosmos Club, and at lots of other venues around DC. But some years seem to call for something more quiet. One year she took two of her GW students to an Irish bar. Sipping Guinness, we took turns reading favorite passages from Ulysses.

James Joyce is Mr UD‘s ninth cousin, twice removed.

Penn State Prez to State Pen

Well, it’s actually a county lockup, but UD finds the tongue-twister irresistible.

Yes, the dusty Sandusky story needs to be dusted off for a moment while we note the failure of Graham Spanier’s endless efforts to avoid incarceration for his role in the child abuse scandal at his university, where coaches buggering little boys in the locker rooms was all in a day’s work.

The whole sordid tale, you recall (it’s okay if you don’t have the stomach to recall) was a testimony to the institution-enhancing greatness of big-time university football.

No Title
“Trump plans to hold unprecedented military ‘farewell event’ on Inauguration Day with a 21-gun salute, color guard and martial music when he boards Air Force One for final flight to Mar-a-Lago”

Dress rehearsal.



My Toast to Biden, via My Sister’s YouTube Channel.
Nice Save.

Our beloved democracy, that is. Good going. NBC calls it.

Goodbye, cruel world.

… And as for all those horrid political contingencies ahead of us…

Let’s face the music and dance.


Georgia, Georgia, the whole night through
Just an old sweet hope kept Georgia on my mind

Georgia, Georgia, love you so
We’re movin’ up to 2-7-0


Certain voters frighten me
Certain eyes look violently
And in dreadful dreams I see
The road lead back to Trump

Georgia, Georgia, some peace I find
Just a late-night count keeps Georgia on my mind

Pull Away, Joe!

Sing it.

Hey, pull away, the ship of state is holding.

Hey, pull away, you’ve pulled away, Joe!
Hey, pull away, the vote is now unfolding,
Hey, pull away, you’ve pulled away, Joe!

King Donald was a bully boy
Before the revolution
(Hey, pull away; you’ve pulled away, Joe!)
He tried to crown himself today
And kill the Constitution

Hey, pull away, you’ve pulled away, Joe

Hey, pull away, we’re bound for better weather
Hey, pull away, you’ve pulled away, Joe

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