Have we gotten to Australian Rules Football yet? Guess not.

[The emergency line] was flooded with calls from disgusted and upset supporters following Collingwood’s 19-point win over arch-rival Carlton.

One fan, Ross, said he’d “never be going to the football again” after being thrown to the ground…

[A] man was also seen “relieving himself” on a police car while leaving the MCG.

There were also reports of spitting and children crying as they were caught up in the mayhem.

Robin, one of those to call 3AW, said she spent the last five minutes of the match trying to break-up fights between fans.

She said it happened in the Carlton members area.

“There were four, full-on fights where people were knocked out,” she said on 3AW Football.


An eye-witness account.

One star defender is the subject of repeated homophobic abuse, raising the idea of calling the phone number on the scoreboard by which you can report abusive behaviour.

But clearly identifying the source of the remarks in the pack in which the coward is concealed is difficult and, you suspect, alerting the authorities will only inflame an increasingly heated group.

… Where once the overt nature of loud and insistent barracking created some form of self-policing, the friction now seems like the wild, uncontrollable urges of those who have no sense of the consequences of their actions.

‘Dolphins head coach Brian Flores told reporters he believes people deserve a fourth chance.’

Haha. I mean second. He said second chance. But he can’t count.

What you do with your money if you’re a football school.

Give the coach $93 million.

‘[I]t is an admission that the Greek state is not competent … to control hooligans from clashing against each other outside sports arenas.’

And inside. The takeover of Greek soccer by violent fascistic gangs has led to the logical next step: No one, except for a few invited guests, will be allowed into the arena for the final of the Greek Cup.

Normal people have been driven out of Greek soccer arenas because the gangs are terrifying. Imagine bringing your kids to what are essentially enormous riots. This leaves the teams with nothing: a handful of peacekeeper/observers will be admitted, but that’s it.

UD’s buddy Jay Smith…

… is featured in the New York Times. Hot stuff.

Title IX in Action at Washington State University!

For every two male athletes afforded the opportunity to destroy neighborhood cars, one female athlete must be afforded the same opportunity.

“[Ira] Bowman, a former Providence and Penn player and the 1995-96 Ivy League Player of the Year, was hired as an Auburn [University] assistant [basketball coach] in July. He is the second Auburn assistant under head coach Bruce Pearl to have been linked to a federal bribery case. Pearl hired Bowman to replace former Tigers assistant Chuck Person, who was arrested in September 2017 in a federal bribery case involving college basketball corruption. Person is scheduled for trial in New York in June.”

Now … how can that happen? You take a real squeaky clean athletics program like Auburn and you hire TWO dirty coaches in succession! Bowman was spozed to be the good guy who replaced the bad guy, but he’s another bad guy! It’s just like when the University of Southern California appointed Varma to replace Puliafito! Well, I’m sure head coach Bruce Pearl don’t know anything about it.

‘University of Florida Gators Staffer Arrested on Aggravated Cyberstalking Charge’

But otherwise it’s such a clean program!

‘In court bombshell, witness says he paid football players at Michigan, other schools’

KAPOW! College football is corrupt!

Fuckin’ bombshell, man.

A brawl and gunshots…

… Just another football game.

How Long will America’s Most Catholic University Leave its Hero Page Up for a Person Charged with Child Abuse, Neglect, and Murder?

Probably forever. And get a load of all the headlines, many of them featuring his Notre Dame connection. Which you can instantly confirm by clicking on his... Hero Page. UD remains baffled as to why football factories don’t employ someone (respectable universities do) to take down the pages of the disgraced.

“And if those people stop coming, all you have left is neo-Nazis.”

You think American soccer can’t go the way of European? Read this.

Last year, the foulest of foul organizations, FIFA, said it might suspend all Greek soccer.

Ostentatiously corrupt FIFA and outrageously violent Greece got together this time last year and issued mucho this is really serious language after months of match riots culminated in a team owner rushing the field aiming his gun at officials and threatening to kill them.

Today’s Greece and today’s FIFA are a match made in heaven.

So obviously nothing came of this ominous concern about violence because life is about collecting money for yourself while watching your sport (high-profile soccer is becoming a violent-fascists-only spectacle all over the world) and also your country crumble into the dust.

La lutte continue. So what.

‘Getting into the stadium, chasing the players, our agents… I have no words.’

Enjoy the photographs.

‘I wonder if he’ll get accepted to Jale.’

The commenters at Deadspin never disappoint. This one wonders whether the all-’round nasty women’s soccer coach at Yale will end up a Jalie. The coach was raised in UD‘s neck of of the woods and went to a local school she knows well: Richard Montgomery High. I figure he couldn’t believe his eyes when he got to Yale, a billionaire thirty times over, and he reasonably enough looked around for ways he could be rich like all the people around him were rich. You know the deal, right? Our perceived wealth is largely based on the wealth of the people around us – neighbors, colleagues. How many eighteen year old fuckheads did he see driving Ferrari F60 Americas before he decided to get a piece of that?

Oh, and he didn’t only take bribes. He reportedly made his players write his papers for him. AND when told about it, Yale reportedly did nothing.

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