‘The difference in compensation for men and women has been one of the most contentious issues in soccer in recent years, particularly after the American women won consecutive World Cup championships, in 2015 and 2019, and the men failed to qualify for the 2018 tournament.’


“The Taint of McCrory.” Sounds like a ballad, or an ancient curse, but it’s just…

… an allusion to disgraced plagiarist Paul McCrory, who we have covered on this blog, and who has today jumped from far-off Australia to the New York Times. The cause of making the world safe for sports concussions will have to be passed to another creep.

“He’ll do anything he can to find a way to win a game,” she said…

… and the little missus done got that right. Back in 2017, when the state’s newspaper gushed about LSU’s basketball coach boy wonder, Will Wade‘s wife hit it right on the head: Like virtually all of LSU’s storied basketball and football coaches from the word go, young Wade was dirty as the day is long. And as he now departs the school in the time-honored way of its sports leaders — driven out by years of every conceivable violation — we can only comb through our many LSU is the scummiest school in America except maybe for Baylor posts and ponder, as we like to do, America’s poorest, most corrupt, most violent state and its long dedication to three million dollar a year filthy rotten coaches.

Let’s narrate this from the POV of a Bama boy – Bama itself definitely competitive in the southern jock school corruption sweepstakes, of course:

There’s squat going on today, but — dear reader — your Gump Day comes in strong with a bit of schadenfreude, as the sweatiest man this side of Al Golden, at the dirtiest program this side of SMU, finally had the NCAA hammer drop on them.

Or, at least the first part.

To the absolute surprise of no one, a man under investigation by the FBI, at a school under investigation for widespread sexual assault and Title IX violations, and two programs with a history of dirty dealing, have all finally received their Notice of Allegations.


Oh yeah. Forgot SMU. Lawdie! [flicks hankie o’er lightly sweated brow] Hard to keep up, ain’t it? … But let me add, and I mean this in the nicest way, that we don’t need no big-city Yankee scolds telln us how to educate our youth at our fine universities! Take all the pleasure you want in our anguish, Mr Fancy Pants; we’ll be back bigger and better than ever ‘fore you can say Dave Bliss!

‘The most telling image was a family running away from the brawl and one of the little children not even wearing his Atlas jersey. Queretaro ultras got so wild that they would even dare hurting a child for wearing the opponent’s kit.’

Isn’t there a law in Mexico against bringing children to soccer games? The games are so bloody (this latest brawl featured at least two deaths and over twenty serious injuries), it’s definitely a form of negligence to allow children into the barbarity.

Soccer riots are an old story – the ones I cover are mainly in Europe – with the only wrinkle being an ongoing escalation of the slaughter. It’s also mildly interesting to see whether security can get the players off the field in time to save their lives.

‘Elmore completed six months of probation in Dec. 2020 for an aggravated robbery conviction.’

Dude already had a violent crime record.

‘Court records from Wyandotte County show Elmore was convicted in a Feb. 6, 2020, robbery where he stole a wallet from a person “by force or by threat of bodily harm, and did inflict bodily harm.”’

Why was he still enrolled in a mainstream public high school?

Is it because he played for the football team? If so, that’s really fucked up. Putting the safety of everyone at the school at risk because he made the team more competitive…

Of course, having covered the legions of Richie Incognitos out there, UD knows perfectly well that this is a calculation high schools and colleges all over this country make every day: He’s a dangerous person, sure, but he can really play the game. Coaches who make the call – see Art Briles – occasionally have to pay a price for it. The real price is paid by the people raped and beaten.

Background here.


Richie Incognito! Isn’t that what Roman Abramovich just re-christened his yacht?

Hue Jackson is America’s Own Little Putin.

Grambling’s head football coach hires his mass rape and assault enabler buddy to be part of the coaching staff at his school, and the entire civilized world – including Grambling icon Doug Williams – says You and your school can go fuck yourselves.

In response to this devastating rejection, Jackson issues a mad slew of lies, boasting in particular that Grambling – a university so out of control as to have produced a mass shooting, with one murder, at its last homecoming event – has in its sports program – almost always the most violent location on campus – “well-developed programs… in place” to avoid the Art Briles-generated catastrophe at Baylor.

Both Putin and Jackson are self-immolating. Let us see if either can be stopped by any sane people that might be around them.


UPDATE: Does Art Briles know how to save money? Until a few years ago, he was earning over six million a year as a football coach; Baylor settled over fifteen million on him when he left in disgrace. That’s an awful lot of money, and now that Briles is out of yet another job – he ended up staying at Grambling for four days before public opinion made it impossible for him to remain – UD figures he can use that money – I mean, assuming he saved any – to live quite a nice life surrounded by the many Americans – Hue Jackson is only one of them – who don’t care about what he did at Baylor.


FIFA Will Ban Russia, Ejecting It From World Cup Qualifying

Mr UD points out that if the world’s cruddiest organization hadn’t done this, Russia would automatically have won the group prelims, since no one was going to play them.

What a morale booster for Putain’s people – who can certainly use it at this point – this would have been!

Grambling’s most celebrated, high-profile alum, on their hiring Baylor’s rape-maestro, Art Briles.

“Oh, no. I can’t [support Grambling football]. No, no, no. If I support them, I condone it.”

Doug Williams

Grambling State downshifts from murder to rape.

I’ve seen cynical desperate college athletics hires in my time, but nothing beats what Grambling – site of two very recent on-campus murders – has done in hiring coach Art Briles. At Baylor, Briles “repeatedly cover[ed] up allegations of assault, sexual and otherwise, perpetrated by multiple Baylor football players.” “[H]e presided over a culture with rampant sexual violence toward women, including a former student’s lawsuit alleging at least 52 acts of rape committed by 31 football players from 2011 to ’14.” Many of them were players he recruited, though he knew before he recruited them that they were very dangerous people.


So maybe what’s going on at Grambling is a kind of unprecedented college product-placement. Lots of people like violence, and some of those people, while being violent, would also like to be educated. At Grambling you’re guaranteed to be living near one of America’s most outstanding murder capitals, with a mass shooting not long ago at one of the school’s homecoming events; you’re also guaranteed an ethos – embodied by Coach Briles – of tolerance of sexual violence and physical assault more broadly.

In the wake of Juwan Howard’s suspension for the rest of the season, some are calling for the end of …

… the handshake line. Others are defending it.

For those opposed, the call is for something more appropriate, with many arguing for a circular firing squad.

Very impressive restraint after the game.

No one pulled out a gun and killed everyone. It was just a huge brawl, started by the University of Michigan basketball coach. By current American standards, it was sportsmanship of the highest order.

But then, UM is a very classy school.

‘It is not hard to look away [from football]; just find something more fun to do. Me, I ride my bike and then take my dog to the woods. But I have not given up on football completely; I use any football game as white noise when [I] take a nap on the couch after riding my bike and walking in the woods.’

And UD uses any golf game! For UD, there’s no white noise like the sotto voce, basso continuo, green-hills-far-away gestalt of golf.

Of course she’s not the first to discover this.

She discovered football as white noise in a long, very thoughtful New York Times comment thread appended to the 450th article UD has read in which a conscience-stricken person reckons with his inability to stop watching football even though it’s so nasty. This particular cri-de-coeur has become so common a plaint that it now constitutes a whole school of American philosophy: Reformed Calvinism, transcendentalism, pragmatism, Post-Thiesmann-Fracturism.

But what she really wanted to share was the most thoughtful comment of all. She plucks it from comment obscurity and places it here for you.

“Football is really the new American Pastime, not baseball. It’s like guns at this point – woven into the meaning of being American for large swaths of the populace. Among the potential player pool which is largely Black (as am I, and I played and loved football), it is still seen as a “way out” — fortune and glory overrides concern for CTE in their 50s. For a teen, life ends at 30 anyway. And for all the racism in the sport, the players are still largely black and show up to play every weekend, so it’s only logical that the public takes its cues from them. If they all went on strike to protest, then they could really open eyes.

And let’s not overlook the “manly” aspect of it. Those with more of a progressive streak will scoff at the barbarians smashing their heads together, but we’re still mammals. And mammals are hard wired in specific ways. Yes, over-glorification of manliness and the NFL’s fusing with military marketing is particularly perverse. But it comes from a real place.

Remember, boxing was a huge sport for a long time. 95% of the spectators would never get in a boxing ring to get their bodies pummeled for a living, but yet they came to watch. Now MMA is picking up where boxing left off. Let’s face it, we have a bloodlust as long as it’s someone else getting bloody.”

Der Todd in Hawaidig

The hideous University of Hawaii is a perennial subject on this blog, in particular because of its sordid sports program. They’re always hiring high-priced asshole football coaches, always quickly firing them amid scandal, and then always digging into their empty pockets to pay the coaches zillion dollar buyouts. You’d think a university system might, over the course of decades doing the same stupid ruinous thing, learn a thing or two. Not Hawaii.

Game attendance is pathetic. Deficits are astounding. But above all the place is constantly buying out assholes. The latest is standard-issue hyperchristian hypocrite Todd Graham, who between sermons about Christ’s love talks dirty and treats players like shit. You see this dude all over university football – Son, let us pray, you stupid cunt hold onto the fucking ball. Its more sophisticated form can be seen at places like Baylor, where soldiers of the lord preside over armies of rapists.

‘[S]ometimes I have a short fuse and sometimes I don’t. Something small, like a guy blows a horn at me, and man, my insides go ballistic. I mean, I’ll go crazy. Like, crazy crazy. We guys talk about that, how you have that short fuse. That’s the football, the aggressiveness. I’ll get real aggressive. I don’t like that. I don’t like to act like that. Because once I start, I can’t stop. It’s almost embarrassing, it’s uncontrollable. It’s almost like the Incredible Hulk. I cannot control myself.’

That’s the football.

On its ‘Bulldog Pride’ Page…

South Carolina State University continues to boast of its association with Phillip Adams, severe CTE-sufferer and mass murderer. The school wants everyone to know that he got his first pummelings on their campus – pummelings that would, in the fullness of time, turn Adams into a psychotic killer. Awwww.

But university football does so much more than shred young brains. It typically generates endless fulminating corruption/lawsuits, and just as typically eats up much of a university’s revenue. At the University of Miami, which, to be fair, is a sewer of both football and non-football corruption, they’ve just impoverished the faculty to give an eighty million dollar contract to a football coach.

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