March 19th, 2023
“… students whose choices, in life and work, will enable them to realize the human and spiritual values embedded in everyday realities …”

A Catholic university puts its ethos front and center, and suffers particularly acute derision when three of its students act with such rank cruelty as to attract the attention of the nation.

A double amputee had left her wheelchair near a set of stairs in the bar where the Mercyhurst hockey players were drinking (she was using the bathroom), and one of them – a star player, son of a famous player – pushed it down the stairs, messing it up.

So there’s an everyday human reality. A woman who can’t walk nonetheless negotiates the complicated, difficult business of getting out of the house and socializing with friends; in order to go to the toilet, she has to put her chair aside and be carried into the Ladies’ by one of her friends, placed on the seat, helped to wash her hands, etc, etc. After this challenging feat, she is eager to reclaim her chair, but it’s messed up at the bottom of a stairway.

Here’s another everyday reality: Three beautiful, young, able-bodied, drunk athletes who play at the highest collegiate level in what is routinely called the world’s cruelest sport notice a wheelchair at the top of some stairs in a bar. They don’t notice the camera directed precisely at them. Too drunk, too stupid.

One of them – son of a Canadian ice hockey legend – is therefore filmed hurling the chair to the bottom of the stairs and then returning to steady soaking with his buddies.

Forced by outraged bar personnel to apologize, he perfunctorily does and then says: “Do I still have to go?”


All three have been suspended from the school’s team, but the suspension won’t last long. They have also been barred from the bar. These are of course small things.

Global press attention, with all the gory details and the viral video, is not a small thing. The contempt of their community is not a small thing.

The mandated sensitivity sessions to which they will be subjected are not small things, but they’re not that big.

The lawsuit we might expect from the woman, reasonably enough claiming humiliation and other forms of injury, is a big thing.


For people to respond very intensely to cruelty, it needs to come in, as it were, bite-sized form. We have trouble truly grasping mass cruelty; we have no problem whatsoever, since we viscerally, intimately, feel it in our own bones, grasping singular cruelty. The arrogance, the nonchalance, with which this guy dispatched that woman’s lifeline, her dignity, her absolute necessity, and then turned back to the bar, is just too bloody manifest, I’m afraid. In this matter, the whole world’s a stage. Da guy’s a regular Iago.

Having been unveiled, he will have to live his unveiling. The next time he trods the boards, he might want to prepare for boos.

March 15th, 2023
‘It doesn’t get much funnier than this.’

It’s only funny if you lack a thick description of Lake Charles, LA. If you lack boots on the ground knowledge of one of America’s most godforsaken, violent, hopeless locations, what McNeese University just did will look “absurd,” “ridiculous,” and all the other nasty adjectives everyone’s throwing at the place today.

What that school (23% four year graduation rate) did was hire a basketball coach so utterly filthy (recruiting violations and the like up the wazoo) that the school knows he’ll be hauled in front of the NCAA for all his prior bad shit.

‘Course McNeese U., as part of the Greater Lake Charles We Don’t Give a Shit, Motherfuckers region, could give a rat’s ass about what a bad boy good ol’ boy Will Wade’s been; but it does know the NCAA’s after him, so the school needs to do something, uh, preemptive.

So in a maneuver Jean Arp would approve, the school suspended Wade pretty much same time it hired him. Welcome! You’re suspended for five games! See, NCAA? We’re punishing him before you even finish investigating him! We’re not bad boys down here. We’re good boys!

What’s that you say? Wade’s preparing a lawsuit against the school, demanding ten million dollars in damages for humiliation and mental anguish? No prob cuz we’re so rich.

March 14th, 2023
Of course the world’s scummiest organization – FIFA – wants to get in bed with Saudi Arabia.

FIFA’s [scroll down] acceptance of Saudi sponsorship will mean VISIT SAUDI signs all over stadia where women are playing.

Since no self-respecting woman would go anywhere near that stinking desert, plastering unignorable ads enticing us to journey to the land of mandatory thick black abayas and enforced infantilizing sex segregation is a little rich, ain’t it? Let’s see what World Cup players have to say about it.

FIFA should be “‘deeply ashamed” even to consider such a thing, says one player who clearly doesn’t know much about this shameless organization. “Totally inappropriate,” says another. “Bizarre,” says yet another.

It begins to look as though FIFA might back out of this brilliant idea; but the filthy pigs who run the thing are so far probably just trying to figure out why anyone would object to it. Maybe VISIT TEHRAN, LADIES! signs would be better…?

March 6th, 2023
‘Let He who is Without Sin Spit the First Gob.’ John 8:7

Texas Tech, one of America’s scummiest schools, recently hired, at an incredible multimillion salary, a basketball coach who quotes Bible verses to black players about slaves serving their masters, and who spits on players who annoy him.

Beslaved and bespitted players have complained to the AD about the dude, and he’s been suspended, but he sure as heck ain’t apologizing for citing the Good Book, which of course has WHAT to say about slaves, and the spitting was cuz he had a cold and was, er, dribbling.

TTU’s national ranking has gone from 176 in 2018 to 219 today. Solution: Spend more money on sports!

March 3rd, 2023
‘In total, nine Georgia players have been arrested in the last 13-and-a-half months.’

The University of Georgia admissions committee selects for vehicular homicide, drunk driving, drag racing, and beating people up. These guys are highly selected: scholarships, campus heroes. What a school.

And if you’d care to do the entire long Georgia Football Walk of Shame, go here.

March 3rd, 2023
New Mexico State University: Textbook Study in University Disintegration

The gunny, sexually perverted basketball team is of course only the most obvious sign of thorough institutional squalor.

Current and former employees the AP interviewed described scenarios in which top-level administrators refused to hold themselves or others accountable, both inside and outside the athletic department. One said the “guardrails” designed to protect students and faculty — from everything from retaliation for whistleblowing to sexual improprieties — had all but disappeared.

“Because there’s so much churn in our upper administration, we never get to the point of hammering out who is actually accountable for upholding policies,” [one insider] said.

In one instance, a lawsuit last year filed by a Jane Doe alleges a longtime professor with ties to the athletic department “harassed and groomed female students for years, coercing them into sexual relations and bragging about the same” while school officials looked the other way. The plaintiff alleges she was sexually assaulted by the professor.

Another case alleges that two professors who blew the whistle about hiring practices they claimed flouted human-resource policies had their complaints intercepted by an administrator involved in the hiring, who then pushed for disciplinary cases to be opened against those professors. One has been demoted from his deanship.

[The] Office of Institutional Equity, which handles Title IX and other discrimination complaints and should have been on the front lines of the hazing allegations, [was] marginalized, with administrators ignoring some recommendations produced by the office and putting others off.


Uh lets see what else.

  1. misappropriation of funds
  2. unethical hiring
  3. humongous lawsuits filed by the latest set of massively overpaid now-fired shitskis
  4. the decision to end a policy that “student-athletes would be dismissed if found guilty of (or pleaded no contest to) a felony. That allowed one player to remain on the team at the time the rules were changed. It also furthered New Mexico State’s reputation as a place where athletes and coaches get second chances — perhaps without accountability.” Nice way to put it. Perhaps without.

Look. Tons of universities in this country have forged winning basketball/football teams by scouring the junior colleges for naughty numbskulls who play really well. It’s a beyond-belief sordid thing for a university to do, but tons of them do it. Many come to grief as the bad boys launch crime sprees, start fights on the field/court, get involved in academic cheating scandals, rape people, blah blah. Small price to pay, says a school like Nebraska, which has an AMAZING record of recruiting crazyass assholes. It’s one way to field winning teams and who cares if players beat the shit out of students ahead of them in line for pizza just cuz they’re getting impatient.

UD will admit that, in a strong field, NMSU has distinguished itself. But the indecent tale of school-destruction is one it shares with many cohorts.

February 26th, 2023
‘[A] star player who is part of a massive, gun-related controversy was routinely playing pretend pat-down in [pre-game] introductions.’

Thuggery is mainstreamed at the University of Alabama…

That’s not quite right. It’s celebrated; it’s an occasion for amusing witticisms, as it was for the Alex Murdaugh defense attorney who pointed an assault weapon at the opposing table and said “Tempting.” In this case it’s Haw look at me I carry guns so much officials have to check me for them before I play basketball. Haw.


Don’t bother Bama none that they recruit murderers and accessories to murderers. Guns? Everybody’s got ’em and fuck you.

The fact that he’s done this intro throughout the season is no excuse for his failure to read the room.

Huh? Who says he ain’t reading the room? What room? The US House chamber?

Anyway Brandon Miller’s pregame pat-down can’t hold a candle to New Mexico State’s pre-game introduction, where each basketball player pulls off his pants and invites the other players to finger his anus.


Here’s a guy with absolutely no sense of humor. Boo.

February 13th, 2023
A former trustee says two interesting things about the drifting hulk that is New Mexico State University.

In this interview, he blames the shutdown of the basketball program, plus a purge of its coach and others, on a total lack of leadership at the school. No one’s home. Because no one’s home, someone recently hired a shitty clueless coach who probably doesn’t even see what’s wrong with hazing; because no one’s home, the lame duck chancellor let a university sports team full of gunnies and hazers form itself.

Eventually the gunplay and sexual assaults on fellow teammates (with the team watching) just got to be too much sleaze, even for bigtime university sports.

Plus they can expect a LOT of lawsuits, from players and coaches. Expensive.

The guy also pointed out that what with the loss from the roster of

*the guy who recently shot and killed a UNM student he’s been fighting with,

*the two guys who are leaving cuz they can’t take the sleaze anymore,

*and the three hazers who are leaving cuz they’re expected in court (court; not basketball court),

the team doesn’t have enough players to play the game anyway.

February 12th, 2023
‘[M]ultiple sources have confirmed to the Sun-News that [the] hazing incident was sexual in nature.’

How sensitively put… Wouldn’t want to bludgeon the end of the sentence with the blunt force sexual … Want to gentle things along with the delicate smidgeon in nature

And yet…

What do you really want? Do you want a writer who waves her crumpet and says Well I declare! Multiple sources … [wink wink nudge nudge]…

Or do you want ol’ UD to spill the tea… er, beans? UD, who has for years been covering what guys do to guys in the locker room when broom comes to shove?

Ok. While of course UD did not have the pleasure of attending the New Mexico State University haze, she’s pretty sure three or four guys held down each victim (the event was probably witnessed by much of the team, and to make the police investigation a snap, some of the stupider players probably recorded it on their cell phones) and while he lay writhing and shrieking one of them shoved the end of a straw broom up his rectum.

That night, vomiting with rage and self-disgust, the victim(s) took his nightly call from his mother, who heard something funny in his voice, got him to confess he’d been anally raped, and when she got off the phone with him she and her husband called the university, a lawyer, the cops, and the local newspaper.

NMSU, a wholly vile and dysfunctional location, all of whose leadership is interim times ten and desperately trying to leave, issues a pallid statement, shuts down the rape club, and prays the state legislature doesn’t hold against the school the fact that it’s a cesspool. (Spoiler Alert: The corrupt and mindless state legislature won’t hold it against the school. Boys will be boys. These are real bonding experiences.)

Now I’m not saying there were guns involved. Usually this quaint lad on lad action involves merely fists and brooms; but this being the USA I can’t see why there wouldn’t have been guns involved. Look at the team logo.

Maybe they shoved gun butts up their butts.

Ave Atque Vale:

Now they are a shit show. You have a player involved shooting, a catfishing, a fight with a rival. Shit even the cops chased [the] team bus down the highway. Yet here we are after all of that, [with hazing incidents and a decision] to suspend its season. 

Read all about NMSU.


UPDATE: Gee. I even got the number of players who held him down right.

OTOH maybe the broomstick is only a high school thing.

[T]hree teammates held him face down and removed his clothing. The players struck his buttocks and touched his genitals, according to the report. The player said he “had no choice but to let this happen because it’s a 3 on 1 type of situation.” He added that the abusive incidents usually occurred in front of the team and that no one intervened. 

Yeah. I also called the “in front of the team” thing.


The victim, whose name was redacted in the report along with those of the other players, said other incidents involving inappropriate physical and sexual touching had been occurring in locker rooms and on road trips since last summer. 

What a team! If they don’t outright shoot you, they at least finger your anus.

February 11th, 2023
‘New Mexico State has suspended operations of its men’s basketball program and placed its coaching staff on paid administrative leave due to allegations unrelated to a fatal shooting last year.’

[T]he new allegations involved potential violations of university policy and were separate from the November 19 shooting of a student from the University of New Mexico. 

[T]he allegations involved multiple players hazing a teammate more than once with a police report filed.

What can we say on this blog about nauseating New Mexico State that we haven’t already said a hundred times? (All the up-to-date details you can stomach here.) In an academic landscape of booze, guns, hazing, and cheating, schools like NMSU, where reporters must distinguish among ongoing acts of vileness, stand out boldly.

You figure the highest paid person on campus must be the recruiting coach, cuz he’s the one bringing the hazers and the killers — people whose intrinsic violence does wonders on the court. And recruits can rest safe in the knowledge that the rest of the staff will hide the guns that do the killing from the cops. Definitely a team effort at this school.

I mean, some of these players make the shooter at Richneck Elementary look like a kid.

January 16th, 2023
‘Crimson Tide assistant Bryan Hodgson was his primary recruiter…’

Take a bow, Bryan! You really know how to pick ’em! Darius Miles is so hot he’s got the whole campus running to get out of his way!

Look at those Alabama students run!

January 5th, 2023
The American University and the Life of the…


December 31st, 2022
America’s Sickest University Football Coach…

… and that’s saying a lot – has yet another nationally broadcast meltdown. Drink and violence and litigiousness have long been Steve Sarkisian’s (scroll down) game plan, and the resulting embarrassing spectacles in front of trustees, obscene actings-out in the larger community, and, in this latest instance, psychotic attacks on team staff, have totally endeared him to the nation’s premier football programs. He pulls in a huge salary and is massively lionized at one dominant program after another.

He hasn’t yet started pulling out a gun during his special moments (This is How We Do It), but once he does that, he’ll be guaranteed the head coaching spot at the school of his choice.


The world of university football/basketball coaches is mainly a variant of Trumpworld. Everyone loves the athletic Trumplets’ sick dirty twisted lying ways, and when the sickest and dirtiest die, the, uh, what’s the word, encomia are enmazing! You’d never know from American sports journalism that Bobby Knight or Mike Leach (one of America’s most fanatic Trumpers) was anything other than a fine inspirational example to us all when his sadistic treatment of players comes to a permanent end. And so it is with another manifestly insane person, Steve S.

Of course a few sissy nay-sayers are calling for him to be fired. They seem worried that the school he rules – Texas, Austin – may suffer reputational damage through having made a gibbering lunatic the highest-profile, highest-compensated person on campus.

To which UD says: Fiddle dee dee! It’s Texas, sweetie!

December 27th, 2022
‘Major College Football Program Accused of Cheating’

NO. Oh dear God, NOOOOOooooooo….

December 18th, 2022
‘Kylian Mbappe has touched the ball just 10 times so far – that’s fewer than any other outfield player and the same as Argentine keeper Emi Martinez who probably should have brought out some reading material given how little he has had to do.’

In memory of UD‘s Argentine Uncle Mario, who routinely gave wee La Kid Argentine soccer t-shirts when she was growing up, and who, at this moment, would have been exploding/berserk.


Whoops. They found something for Martinez to do. Score now 2-2.

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