“You can count on nature doing what nature has been doing forever. Do you think you’re going to rush in on Nature and grab off an insight?”

UD is sure Abe Ravelstein/Allan Bloom is right about this; he might even be right about this: “All educated people make the same mistake – they think that nature and solitude are good for them. Nature and solitude are poison.” But what the hey. Here’s another picture, now that I’m back in ‘thesda, from my beloved Rehoboth in autumn.

Me, I have a Get Rid of the Goat theory about the seashore off-season.

The thing about the beach off-season is that there’s almost nothing there. It’s as though someone systematically removed everything from the world. Standing on the beach, you certainly sense a world hunched up behind you; but it’s well behind you, and you can’t hear it over the waves.

Found Art.
Back from the beach. Already planning our next stay there.

Mr UD, Rehoboth Beach, Spectacular Autumn Day.
Looking a little like John Wayne.

Skeletal Greetings from Post-Halloween Rehoboth Beach.

Where you can still run sleeveless on the boardwalk. It’s that warm.

Morning rises behind the beach replenishment project.
Chilly on the balcony, but worth it for the light show.

Finally, after late night rain and wind, the ocean coughs up a few of its…
… calcite-lined stones. Which is the only thing UD wants from the ocean.

Les UDs en vacances: A cut above.
Reading material at our breakfast restaurant.

Halloween Tree, Rehoboth.

Beautiful Shitshow

At the center of this image, water and sand come blasting out of the ocean onto the replenished beach. UD got a tutorial in the whole double-your-beach process this morning from one of the workers – there’s the little GPS boat that scans the ocean floor for sand mountains, and then the bigger boat with one end of the pipe, sucking up the sand and sending it forward. They put shells and stones in dumpsters and then smooth the stuff along the strand. “I work in Florida, South Carolina – I’m not sure we do much good down there, but the weather’s milder here.”

Hitchcock at the Beach
Zoom in to see masses of gulls gather at the base of the machine dredging sand, water, and little sea creatures onto the beach.

Watching the beach get…

… replenished.

Halloween at the Beach


Heading down there to take a morning boardwalk stroll with my friend Di Elkin, who has an apartment next door to ours.

In front of a home by the sea.

Typical morning around here.

Les UDs leave Rehoboth Beach tomorrow.

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