‘The right-leaning Washington Examiner said Hutchinson’s testimony “ought to ring the death knell for former President Donald Trump’s political career” and that “Trump is unfit to be anywhere near power ever again.”‘

And that’s the right.

‘In the evening’s marquee contest, Democrats welcomed Mr. Bailey, the newly minted Republican nominee for Illinois governor, to the general election by tagging the opponent they had helped engineer as a “MAGA extremist.”’

Frenetic engineering on the part of the Dems pays off.

‘[W]hen Mr. Trump descended into rage, his staff resorted to summoning an aide, nicknamed the Music Man, to play favorite show tunes they knew would soothe him, including “Memory” from the Broadway musical “Cats.”’



Danb’ry, not a sound from the inmates
I am living in Danb’ry
I am feeling alone
In the weak light my manuscript appears at my feet:

How the Libtards Stole My Throne


Memory, all alone in my jail cell
I can dream of the old days
Life was beautiful then
I remember the time I knew what tyranny was
Let the memory live again

White House staffers seemed to beat
A fatalistic warning:
No protection! Insurrection!
And I, The King, all scorning…

Daylight, I must wait for the sunrise
I must think of a new scheme
And I mustn’t give in
When the dawn comes, tonight will be a memory too
And a new day will begin


Ketchup walls and shattered plates
The stale, cold smell of failure
A hall light dies, another night is over
Another day is dawning

Come back! It’s so easy to leave me
All alone with the memory
Of my days as the prez.
Re-elect me! You’ll understand what tyranny is
Look, a new day has begun

Well on its way to 450,000…

… in a staggeringly short period of time. Every second someone signs.

Whoa! Meine Kleine George Washington University EMPLOYS the Dude!

From an email UD just received from the dean of GW’s law school.

We … have received requests from some members of the university and external communities that the university terminate its employment of Adjunct Professor and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and cancel the Constitutional Law Seminar that he teaches at the Law School. Many of the requests cite Justice Thomas’ concurring opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, in which he called the substantive due process doctrine a “legal fiction.” Justice Thomas has been a consistent critic of the Court’s legal philosophy on substantive due process for many years. Because we steadfastly support the robust exchange of ideas and deliberation, and because debate is an essential part of our university’s academic and educational mission to train future leaders who are prepared to address the world’s most urgent problems, the university will neither terminate Justice Thomas’ employment nor cancel his class in response to his legal opinions.

We really know how to pick ’em. Our next-best appointment after this one was plagiarist/madman Rand Paul. Why not ask Jim Jordan and Louie Gohmert to team-teach a course at GW on a subject of their choosing?

I agree that we shouldn’t fire the doodoo; the way to go here is boycott. Recall that both of John Eastman’s classes during a visiting gig at the University of Colorado were cancelled due to virtually no enrollment. Think of the movement at Harvard Law to make the school offer two sections of way-icky theocrat Adrian Vermeule’s course on administrative law. (Apparently the guy’s got a monopoly.) Ignore them, and they’ll go away.

Mark Meadows had a Hard-on.

Which is in itself nothing to be ashamed of. Cassidy Hutchinson told of her shock when she appeared again and again in his office begging him to do something about the carnage, and he did nothing – nothing – except scroll obsessively on his phone. He barely met her eyes, she reports; he just sat on his office couch staring down and scrolling, scrolling, scrolling.

Meadows was lost in a masturbatory, self-comforting trance. Events had truly spiraled out of control and there was – horrifyingly – nothing he could do, as mobs at the Capitol killed and threatened to kill people. Becoming hysterical at this point made sense – plenty of normal people become hysterical when their world suddenly implodes and there is nothing they can do about it – and this is the form his hysteria took. An all-but catatonic regression to masturbatory self-comforting. Hutchinson no doubt noticed his obsessive rubbing with his free hand, but chose not to mention it.

What was he watching on his phone? This.

Man, I’ve been calling Trump UBU for years, but I had NO IDEA…

… how perfectly the mad fucker fit the description. Read my TRUBU posts here, and listen to Cassidy Hutchinson’s description today of his physically assaulting his security chief, throwing his lunch against WH dining room walls, and pulling tablecloths in order to upend all the food and drink on WH tables. Trump is indeed the reincarnation of Alfred Jarry’s Ubu the King – a massive ball of vile, angry, idiot flesh deployed against the world when it frustrates his infantile, nihilistic desires. Listen to Hutchinson describe his rage when security officers kept AK-47-wielding madmen out of the January 6 rally enclosure: Let ’em in! Guns are okay! They’re not gonna use ’em against me!

A Scene from Alex Holder’s Now-Notorious Trump Documentary.

Cassidy Hutchinson has testified that she saw Mark Meadows hurl documents into a fireplace in his White House office. Holder’s film offers some corroboration of this, but the actual course of events was different from what she remembered.

Holder captured Marjorie Taylor Greene desperately begging Mark Meadows to burn incriminating material related to pardons, riot planning, and white power. Appalled at how far things had gone, he refused, at which point she snatched them out of his hands and hurled them into the fireplace.

Then things got really ugly.

And an Executive Assistant Shall Lead Them

Apparently Mark Meadows’ assistant, Cassidy Hutchinson, will testify tomorrow (er, today) in front of the J6 committee. Hutchinson isn’t your loyal, lying, Rosemary Woods type; on the contrary, she may turn out to be the investigation’s John Dean. She knows a lot; she saw a lot.

And because she seems to have been too young (she’s in her twenties) to have become a fully elaborated Trumpian whackjob, finding out that Trump was actively promoting the idea of killing his vice president, for instance, surprised her. The Emperor has no clothes!

On May 25, Politico reported that the Jan. 6 select committee heard testimony indicating that Meadows heard Trump say something supportive about those who were chanting “hang Mike Pence” during the riot. A witness told the committee that Meadows had been in the dining room off the Oval Office when Trump made the comment and that he told people nearby “that Trump had signaled a positive view of the prospect of hanging the vice president,” according to Politico. The New York Times reported that Hutchinson was in Meadows’ office when he complained about the comments and confirmed the account for the committee.

At the very least, Hutchinson may be able to make life for uncooperative, litigious, Mark Meadows extremely unpleasant; but clearly the committee expects much more of her than this.

‘John Eastman’s legal scholarship is so superlative that DOJ got a warrant to read more of it.’

Feds take Eastman’s phone.

“When I asked Eric [Trump] about the potential danger of [this] sort of rhetoric … he felt that it was … fair game…”

“… [He] felt that [violence] was the right thing to do … because the election was stolen.”

One O’Clock Tomorrow.

Be there or be square. The J6 committee just announced a surprise hearing scheduled for tomorrow.

‘A majority of Americans, 72 percent as of 2018, support euthanasia, and 65 percent as of 2018 support physician-assisted suicide. Around six in 10 Americans believe abortion should be legal in all or most cases.’

It’s important to remind ourselves of these numbers, and to act – i.e., vote – so that the will of the minority is no longer able to tyrannize over the will of the majority.

Just passed 300,000!

And moving forward like a son of a bitch.

Shed a tear for Duke, Vanderbilt, and Rice.

They’re the only southern universities in the top twenty USNW rankings, and already some high school seniors (UD just listened to an interview on NPR this morning with several of them) are saying no way. Tennessee and Texas are absolutely looking like no-go sites for modern women, and North Carolina will almost certainly, in not too long a time, head back to the 1950s as well. Why risk signing up for four years at Duke?

These schools, marooned in too bad your father raped you, you poor thirteen year old land, can expect some portion of their faculty to try to get the hell out too. For years now, universities in that yall and shut ma mouth land have lost faculty because of the yall bring all your guns to campus, ya hear? laws in their university’s state; vicious anti-women legislation will draw yet more of them away.

But the good news is that these schools will not have to worry about diversity.

The Duke community represents the entire gamut of opinion from a network of spies should expose abortion seekers to the authorities to women who have ordered abortifacients should be incarcerated to a woman who aborts is an abomination in the sight of the lord and death in forced childbirth is what she deserves. C’mon down!’

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