January 13th, 2021

Sing it.

As I walk along I wonder

What went wrong with our coup?


Expect an AMAZING run on high-end Florida real estate in triple-gated island communities with their own police forces/armed guards/electronic surveillance. Most of the Trump syndicate has already fled there, and Javanka’s neighbors in particular (drug kingpins, Russian kleptocrats) couldn’t be more thrilled.

“We’re not too sure about the daddy though!” laughed ‘Little’ Pablo Escobar in response to a reporter’s question about the president possibly moving there. “He attracts a rather … grubby … element… Depresses home values. But the children are very presentable.”

“I disagree,” said Escobar’s neighbor, Tatiana Akhmedova. “I find the president’s personal violence, and the larger violence he incites, sexually exciting. I am getting excited just from saying this. You don’t understand because you are not a woman. You are not Russian. We are mad! We are revolutionaries! Our beloved Stalin made the streets run with blood just like Trump! Look at Trump’s power. Look at what he has unleashed. Many Republicans in congress want to vote to impeach him, but they are terrified because they have it on good authority that if they do their families will be shot to death! It is too exciting, darling… Give me five minutes in bed with Trump’s enormous хуй and I’ll know what to do with it!”

January 12th, 2021
I dunno… I guess I just want to say that if you enjoy reading … striking language, these are halcyon days.

“You can either go down in history as a patriot,” Mr. Trump told [Pence], according to two people briefed on the conversation, “or you can go down in history as a pussy.”


“We’re very lucky that the vice president isn’t a maniac,” said Joe Grogan, Mr. Trump’s domestic policy adviser until last year.


The stuff just keeps coming.

January 12th, 2021
The Mo and the Fury

To read about-to-be-censured Cong. Mo Brooks (‘bama) angrily defending himself from incitement to violence charges is to realize that William Faulkner had a totally unfair advantage over Northern writers. Yes, yes, he was a brilliant prose stylist; but he was also located in that y’all and shut ma mouth land and I tell you it just ain’t fair! They don’t grow em like Mo Brooks ’round these parts! ‘thesdans don’t run their mouths up and down and all around the block when they got something to say – they just, like, say it. Down South, ‘Faulknerian stream of consciousness’ is just another way to say howdy my name is Mo and there is SOOO much I want you to know so hon let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go

January 12th, 2021
My Only Objection to Hawley and Cruz being placed on the No Fly List is…

.. the obvious one, which is that if we don’t let them fly they won’t be able to leave. Give each man one free one-way ticket to anywhere outside the US willing to take him. THEN impose the flying ban.


As to where they should go: Hawley’s a no-brainer: Heiligenkreuz Abbey, a twelfth-century monastery near Vienna, and home to

Pater Edmund Waldstein, a 35-year-old Cistercian monk… By any conventional standard, his views are extreme: in addition to rejecting the separation of church and state, he is a monarchist who argues that the Church has the right to punish baptized heretics (Protestants), including by burning them at the stake.

Burning individual heretics at the stake can’t hold a candle, as it were, to violently bringing down the most powerful democracy in the world; but it’ll be a way for Josh to cool his heels while hatching the next assault on the Capitol.

Cruz? The Northern Lights look spectacular from Murmansk.

Yes. Murmansk.

January 12th, 2021
‘When terrorists or violent extremists cross the line, the only recourse is to forcefully stop them and prosecute them to the full extent of the law.’

Daniel Lubetzky points out that cowards and lazy fellow-travelers almost always help create the conditions for catastrophic social madness. If we don’t all stand up to nuts – writing and speaking against them, financially and otherwise supporting the enemies of unreason, demonstrating together against the debauched among us – we can’t pretend to be surprised when, emboldened, they strike.

The main thing, though, as the above excerpt from Lubetzky underlines, is that, once we’ve let it happen and the shit hits the fan – well, no kidding: You’ve got to hit them hard to make them fall back.

January 12th, 2021
Pity Mitt Romney. As one of the few sane, presentable, high-profile Republican politicians left in the country, he is going to be inundated with requests to sit on boards, assume advisory positions, receive honorary degrees, etc., etc., etc.

The abundant nut cases – most lately Elise VOTE FRAUD YES!!! Stefanik – are rapidly being removed from positions of responsibility, leaving a gaping hole where rational conservatives are supposed to be. I worry about Mitt being spread thin.

January 12th, 2021
‘Keeping Trump in office until January 20 won’t assuage the supporters who falsely believe that the election was stolen from him, but removing him from office a week early would emphasize that he is losing. Recruitment is easier for a winning team. As the Islamic State and al-Qaeda both discovered after their apexes, getting people to take up arms is harder when the cause is in decline.’

A security expert goes to the precise analogy: ISIS. Think ISIS and you can begin to think clearly about how to end our national nightmare. Make our native ISIS undergo decline.

Trump’s insistence that, despite all evidence, he won the election helped Democrats win both Georgia seats. Not even his followers can depend on him: Under pressure, he essentially conceded the election on Thursday, which meant either that he is unreliable or that he was lying to them the whole time. He has limited access to effective communication forums, most notably Twitter and Facebook. The platforms’ decision to suspend his accounts was controversial, but deplatforming is a successful counterterrorism technique that, although it may galvanize diehards, impedes a movement leader’s ability to reach new members. The MAGA-world leadership team is in disarray; Pence plans to attend Biden’s inauguration. In welcoming Pence to the event—“I’d be honored to have him there,” the president-elect said—Biden is replicating a common divide-and-conquer counterterrorism strategy that amplifies distrust and leads to paranoia among those who remain inside an extremist group. Companies such as American Express are pulling support for members of Congress who went along with Trump’s effort to block the certification of the electoral vote.

… The United States is a divided nation, but only a tiny fraction of Trump’s more than 74 million voters showed up in Washington, D.C., eager to fight. The way to unite this country is to isolate acts of violence—and a leader who incites it—from legitimate expression. Trump was a north star for a certain kind of radical. Americans will be safer the more that star loses its shine.


The particular analogy for the terrorists’ House and Senate enthusiasts is the mentally challenged young women from European cities who flew off to Syria and fucked one ISIS terrorist after another in order to push out squads of ISIS babies. As these moronic post-ISIS degenerates try to crawl back to England without the citizenship papers that they – whoops! – gleefully burned in YouTubes declaring their new citizenship in a caliphate dedicated to the torture and death of all Britons, they find that they are encountering… oddly… a little trouble being welcomed back.

No self-respecting democratic governing body should ever welcome back the Hawleys and Cruzes and all the others in both houses who revealed their depravity by fucking with domestic terrorism.

Most will, I believe, be voted out in the next cycle; meanwhile, enjoy the manifold forms of shunning — withdrawal of various forms of corporate support; demands for return of donations; rejection of awards, removal of honorary degrees; disbarment; expulsion from a wide variety of civic and private groups, etc., etc. — which all of the elected insurrectionists are currently experiencing. It is a small but important part of what this security expert is talking about – the degradation of the Trump brand.

January 12th, 2021
JOSH HAWLEY: A clear and present threat to this nation, and, thank goodness, now explicitly being treated as one.

[A]nother demonstration, which three members said was by far the most concerning plot, would involve insurrectionists forming a perimeter around the Capitol, the White House and the Supreme Court, and then blocking Democrats from entering the Capitol ― perhaps even killing them ― so that Republicans could take control of the government.

The members of Congress whom HuffPost spoke to Monday night were extremely concerned by the call…

The plan to surround the Capitol includes assassinating Democrats as well as Republicans who didn’t support Trump’s effort to overturn the election ― and allowing other Republicans to enter the building and control government…

A member on the call told HuffPost that there was an “eyes-wide-open realization” that Capitol Police needed to take precautions against “all these members who were in league with the insurrectionists …

“You can’t just let them bypass security and walk right up to [Joe] Biden and [Kamala] Harris at inauguration,” this lawmaker told HuffPost.


Josh Hawley is a violent religious fanatic who believes Jesus, incarnated on earth in the body of, for instance, Josh Hawley, must rule the United States and the world.

Josh Hawley – notorious for standing in front of the insurrectionists and pumping his fist – is also a gun freak about whom the NRA positively giggles with excitement.

This man must be removed from the Senate; more immediately, three armed guards should escort him non-stop throughout the inaugural events.


In a better world, the state of emergency just declared in DC would include barring demented rabble-rousers like Josh Hawley not merely from the inaugural grounds, but from the city. In lieu of that, we must hope that he will be placed under the severest restraints.

January 12th, 2021
“Shit to the Last Drop”: A Series of ‘Waning Days’ Songs.





Donald Trump is ordure you can count on

Donald Trump: Shit to the last drop

Donald Trump is

Vile stench

Donald Trump is

Steaming pile

Shit to the last drop, Donald Trump

Donald Trump – ordure you can count on

Always lies: Vile

Always lies: Vile

Always shit to the last drop

Donald Trump has

Eight days left and he’s

Shit to the very last drop

January 11th, 2021
On this day in history, my fellow Americans…

… changed Fuckface’s State Dept page to say that his terms ends today. I love my fellow Americans.

January 9th, 2021
Digital Director Gets De-Digitalized.


January 9th, 2021
Talk About Driving Business to Your State!

Missouri’s Senator Josh Hawley, aka Wee Goebbels, has directly inspired a line of clothing that’s taking the country by storm. Everyone wants a SORRY ABOUT JOSH HAWLEY sweatshirt, t-shirt, or hoodie.


Actually, things haven’t been going well for Hawley and his family. Friends are particularly concerned to keep them from doing something… rash … when The Leader abandons his bunker…

January 8th, 2021
What will we do when these people retreat to their caves?

QAnon conspiracy theorists, praying for years that Trump would flush Satan-worshipping pedophile elites out of Washington, tore apart any scrap of data from the [Trump concession] video to prove that he was playing one final trick. They subjected the time stamps to numerology, thinking that there was a secret message encoded.

January 8th, 2021
I Know Why the Caged Turd Sings.


January 8th, 2021
Jamie Raskin only a few days ago lost his son to suicide.

I wrote about it here.

Even so, he has gone back to work, writing up articles of impeachment, suffering with members of his family through the violent takeover of the Capitol, and now describing with heartbreaking eloquence and restraint what he went through on January 6.

I’ll tell you what was truly terrifying for me. I was okay. My son, whom we lost a week ago, was very politically engaged, and I felt him with me the whole time, so I knew I was exactly where I needed to be. But my youngest daughter asked me not to go in. I told her I had to because the stakes were so huge, and I invited her to come with me. So she was with me on the Hill Wednesday, as was my son-in-law, who is married to my other daughter. They were at the Capitol for seven harrowing hours and spent at least an hour hiding under a desk in Steny Hoyer’s office with my chief of staff while I was on the floor and this violent, rampaging mob was banging on doors and trying to get in and take over that office the way they took over and trashed Nancy Pelosi’s office. Offices were being stormed and people were being killed. While Donald Trump and his family threw a party to support this violent, seditious mob, my kids were hiding under a desk.


And on the matter of Fuckface’s removal from office:

We have a president who is egging on violent, armed insurrection against the Congress of the United States in order to block the peaceful transfer of power. This president is either unable or unwilling to faithfully execute the laws and to uphold the Constitution. Therefore he cannot successfully discharge the powers and duties of office for the next 12 days. The public has no confidence, but more importantly here, the Congress, which is charged with making sure we are secure, has no confidence that this president can do it. Those Trump die-hard sycophants still out there will say this is some kind of partisan thing, but there is broad bipartisan consensus now that Donald Trump is a lethal danger to our republic. The only person who gets new power out of this is Vice President Pence, with whom I disagree about pretty much everything. But I do think that he is a sane person and has that basic respect for the Constitution.


So proud I voted for this man. So proud he represents me.

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