Echt-American Headline: BUT: Update: It turns out to be fake.

UD thanks Chas for telling her that this headline is fake, or, more precisely, based on false information. UD fell for it.





‘He also had a hand in the design of the J Edgar Hoover Building, the FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C.’

Let us hope this is not the most prominent thing the media notes about Helmut Jahn, who has died in a very bad bicycle crash. He apparently ran a stop sign and was hit by two cars.

UD vividly remembers walking for the first time into the vast Eschery atrium of Jahn’s James R. Thompson building in downtown Chicago. It must have just opened. It was my first encounter with the breathtaking empty space of monumental late modernism.

Headline of the Day.

Trump Lashes Out at His Government for

Accurately Reporting COVID-19 Deaths

Pyonyang/Maine Lobstering Union Nexus

Because Communists help Communists. Because Venezuela has long had a special relationship with North Korea. Because Democrats know that our coastal defenses are weakest in the state of Maine, where the deep state replaced patriot Paul LePage with Democrat and Woman Janet Mills.



Another GREAT Headline

Been injured in an election? Call Rudy Giuliani now!

‘Trump Attempts To Pivot Narrative Away From Coronavirus Controversy By Molesting Child Of Fallen Soldier’

Whatever it takes.

‘Nazi Shipwreck Found Off Poland’

Didn’t know the president was overseas today.

Kleinste Geige der Welt
Germany's Ex-Royals Want their Riches Back, 
but Past Ties to Hitler Stand in the Way
‘The Surprising Dangers of Cooking and Cleaning”

Oh good.

“The Trump Campaign Ran a ‘Support Our Troops’ Ad with a Stock Photo of Russian Fighter Jets”


Bannon on the Wall

Sing it.

Tis of a thieving highwayman this story I will tell
His name is Steven Bannon and on superyachts he dwells
Twas as an avid Trumper he commenced his wild career
And many a fellow countryman before him shook with fear

And it’s Bannon on the Wall, Bannon on the Wall
Bold, brave and bail-bonded is Steve Bannon on the Wall

One day in Mar-A-Lago as Stevie he went down
He met the biggest grifter, the one of world renown
The grifter knew his features and he said, Young Steve, said he
Your name is Steven Bannon, come get rich along with me

And it’s Bannon on the Wall, Bannon on the Wall
Bold, brave and bail-bonded is Steve Bannon on the Wall

When Bannon got a Fund Me page his dollars rose and rose
They all poured in from suckers who demand the borders close
He said, Hand me your tenpenny, I swear I’ll keep them out
Then stood aside and marveled as he watched the money spout

And it’s Bannon on the Wall, Bannon on the Wall
Bold, brave and bail-bonded is Steve Bannon on the Wall

But now this loaded blunderbuss – the truth I will unfold –
Has blundered into Audrey Strauss, who robbed him of his gold
The Coast Guard and the fed’rals they seized him on the seas
To grant us yet another garish spectacle of sleaze

And it’s Bannon on the Wall, Bannon on the Wall
Bold, brave and bail-bonded is Steve Bannon on the Wall

Bad News and Good News for Kris Kobach.

The Kansas Secretary of State, famous for scaring the shit out of the kiddies by mounting a huge gun in the Shawnee Memorial Day Parade, just lost his Senate primary.

On the bright side: He and BFF Donald Trump will both soon be free to go on a camping and fishing trip together at Yo! Semite! National Park.

‘Dershowitz did not respond to a request for comment…’ …

… which is so unDershlike; but maybe he – in the face of newly-released documents accusing him of sex with an underage trafficked girl – has decided to take Elizabeth Dye’s advice and shut up.

A strange man, Harvard’s Dersh. No one in public life brings more passion to the defense of genital mutilation (male and female); and few in public life stand so starkly accused of repeated sex with a minor on a privately owned island reportedly given over to orgies. A strange melange of real and alleged enthusiasms. A strange person to represent more prominently than anyone else Harvard Law School.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force

Off-world vehicles not made on this earth

No longer provoke the skeptic to mirth.

Unlikely? Well, sure. Since any new birth

Will have to prove its empirical worth.

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