July 23rd, 2022
‘Judge Takes James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and Kevin Clinesmith Personally Off the Hook in Trump’s RICO Lawsuit’

Government lawyers also intend to ask the judge to remove Christine Jorgensen, Kemal Atatürk, Carly Simon, Eric Satie, and Damien Thorn from the list of people Trump is suing.

July 23rd, 2022
‘In an attempt to explain why he climbed a wall to get to the Capitol, Bledsoe said his home in Tennessee was “quite a bit different” than D.C., and that he climbed walls back home regularly.’

You probably don’t think it’s worth your while to read, in depth, the self-defense of the rioters, but, for pure amusement, this is a good read.

July 22nd, 2022
Brave Person Comments on Coward

A policeman brutally beaten by the insurrectionists shares his thoughts on Josh “He’s A Runner” Hawley.

Sing it:

He’s a runner
and he’ll run away
soon there’ll be no Josh
courage ain’t been born
that can make him stay
Hawley get away while you can

He’s a runner
and he’ll run away
with police escort
courage ain’t been born that
can make him stay
come his Proud Boys mob
come the coup
he’s a runner

There’ll come the runnin’
He’ll know he’s got to
don’t ask him not to or why
Oh why oh why did you
run off
and leave Oath Keepers cryin’
now they’re in jail
and you’re not

July 22nd, 2022
Hello, Hawley!

Well hello Hawley! Yes, hello Hawley!

It’s so nice to see you break out in a run.

You’re looking swell, Hawley. Run like hell, Hawley.

Harmless tourists in the Capitol are so much fun.

You feel the room swayin’

While the mob’s sayin’

“After Pence we hang the others one by one.”

So pump your fist, fella

You’re a Proud Boys Nelson Mandela

Hawley you’ve showed your courage once again!

July 18th, 2022
‘Asked if they knew of a single 2022 campaign or GOP consultant that wanted Trump to declare before November, a top Republican operative replied, “Lol. No.”’

LOL. Pray that he declares – and fast.

July 14th, 2022
Rep. Jim Jordan Aborts

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) quietly scrubbed a tweet he posted Tuesday that branded the story of a 10-year-old rape victim who had to travel out of Ohio for an abortion a “lie.” After the alleged perpetrator was arrested Tuesday and appeared in court Wednesday, Jordan deleted the tweet but offered no apology or acknowledgement.


But that’s nothing. I’ve already moved on to what we might be able to find out about this insurrectionist’s actions before, during, and after January 6. Let’s see what the next Jan. 6 committee hearing has to say about the country’s most fervent Trumpist.

July 13th, 2022
And a Child Shall Lead Them.

The arguing began soon after Ms. Powell and her two companions were let into the White House by a junior aide and wandered to the Oval Office without an appointment.


This morning, everyone wants to know: Who was the junior aide? And how is it that this person let in the crazies?

To answer these questions, we need to set the scene.

It was late at night in a desolate White House, with the president alone and anguishing in the Oval Office. Bitterness, humiliation, and rage so overwhelmed him that he could not sleep, and, as he glanced through his door, open to the hallway, the only person also still awake was Andrew Giuliani, who stood a few feet away practicing his golf swing.

As a favor to his old friend, Trump had given a sinecure, in these last days, to Rudy’s perennially unemployed son. “It doesn’t have to be much,” Rudy had said; “Just something where he can hang around and say he works in the White House.”

But Andrew took his role seriously, shadowing the president day and night in the hope that at some point or other he might be of use …

Suddenly, just as everything in the White House seemed impossibly silent and empty, three dark figures approached from the end of the hallway! Andrew G. cowered, assuming they were Jim Jordan, Paul Gosar, and Louie Gohmert, who always carried AR-15s, until he discerned the shape of a woman among them. And then… “Hey, DAD!!”

“Son, let us in. It’s urgent. A matter of life or death of the republic.”

“No can do,” Andrew answered, laying aside his club. “You don’t have an appointment or anything and I don’t know who these people are with you.”

“Sidney is about to be appointed Counsel for Voting Machine Seizure, and this guy… I dunno … runs a successful business.”

“I’ve had no instruction from the president to let anyone in, especially at this late hour.”

“Look, it was hard enough evading Secret Service and jimmying a window. We’re not about to let some pussy stop us when we’ve come this far. Remember how I said I’d pull strings to make you Governor? Forget it.”

“Well, and do you remember how Steve Bannon described me as ‘born of the grit of two warriors‘?”

“No matter how it looks to the world, Donald Trump and I did not fuck and produce you. Get out of the way.”

Rudy signaled to Sidney, who had been shaking a can of Diet Dr Pepper, which she now opened and released into Andrew’s face. Blinded, he clawed desperately at his eyes as the head of Overstock reached for the golf club and swung it at Andrew’s head, rendering him unconscious.

The rest is history.

July 12th, 2022
BREAKING: Dr Pepper has just issued a statement.

We are aware that Sidney Powell held a can of Dr Pepper during her January 6 committee deposition; we are also aware that she drank from it.

Dr Pepper disavows any prior knowledge of this event, and affirms in the strongest terms its rejection of the global conspiracy theories and treasonous activities associated with Ms Powell. In the 125 years since our founding, we have consistently demonstrated love of country and fidelity to the United States and its institutions. We are appalled to see our soft drink featured so prominently in the shameful testimony of Ms Powell. The idea of our company being associated in viewers’ minds in any way with this person is anathema. Please do not judge us by events over which we have no control.

July 12th, 2022
Weep for what little things could make him glad.

President Donald Trump turned to Hope Hicks in June 2017 when he wanted a “number” to back up his false claims that his approval ratings were “setting records” for a first-year president...

[Trump’s] approval rating on that day’s Gallup tracker was just 36 percent…

Hicks … made Trump happy by offering up “seventy percent,” wrote the Atlantic’s Mark Leibovich, who witnessed the exchange...

[The poll turned out to be] from Tennessee [only], and … it was of Republicans.

July 7th, 2022
Just as I’ve been saying all this time: NO public figure in the history of the world comes close. Only Jarry’s Ubu the King – a fictional creation – approaches him.

[Trump] is a uniquely tiresome individual, easily the sorest loser, the most prodigious liar, and the most interminable victim ever to occupy the White House. He is, quite possibly, the biggest crybaby ever to toddle across history’s stage, from his inaugural-crowd hemorrhage on day one right down to his bitter, ketchup-flinging end. Seriously, what public figure in the history of the world comes close? I’m genuinely asking…

Mark Leibovich continues:

[Lindsay Graham] could not believe what Trump could get away with. It created a mystique, especially among politicians, who tend to be rule-bound by nature and chronically petrified of being exposed as frauds. Trump had no such fear of rules or capacity for embarrassment. He was a pure and feral rascal…

My mind roils with thought experiments of what else Republicans could tolerate from him: What if Mike Pence had been hanged? One would hope it would have been disqualifying, but who knows?

July 5th, 2022
Darren Bailey Releases his First Campaign Video.

Trump’s candidate for Illinois governor hits the ground running.

July 1st, 2022
June 30th, 2022
‘This Conservative Editorial Board just Absolutely Trashed Donald Trump’

Huh yeah but every one of them applied for a job at Mar A Lago last month and I turned all the losers down…

June 30th, 2022
From an interview with Alex Holder, the filmmaker who spent weeks talking to Trump.

Donald Trump is not a rational player. I mean, he just isn’t. You can’t have a conversation with him in the same way that you can have a conversation with most other people. He is somebody that lives in a different reality. He had started the lie about the election back in 2016. What I saw after the first interview with him in the White House was that he now became someone who believed in his own lie, and that is a person who is delusional. That is a person who is incredibly dangerous, because you can’t debate with that person.

There is no way that anybody can persuade Donald Trump that he’s wrong. And this is something that’s characteristic of him all the way through his life, and the series goes into this in the sense that he will never accept that he had done anything wrong. He will always double back. He’s always right, and it’s always somebody else’s fault. I mean, he lives in cloud cuckoo land.

He’s sitting in an interview in Mar-a-Lago saying that in front of a portrait, an actual oil painting of himself painted 25 to 30 years ago in a golf outfit. I mean, I actually asked about that at the end of the interview. I was like, “You’ve got to tell me about this painting.” I mean, this is a guy who literally has paintings of himself in his house. I mean, he’s just not a normal guy. I mean, you know?

June 29th, 2022
‘The right-leaning Washington Examiner said Hutchinson’s testimony “ought to ring the death knell for former President Donald Trump’s political career” and that “Trump is unfit to be anywhere near power ever again.”‘

And that’s the right.

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