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Legendary Coach Fails to Complete Play

Pride of ‘Bama Tommy Tuberville forgot to lie to Politico about having told Trump his vice-president’s life was in danger.

[T]he detail that Tuberville informed Trump his vice president was in danger is a new and potentially significant development for House prosecutors seeking Trump’s conviction: it occurred just around the time that Trump sent a tweet attacking Pence for not having “the courage” to unilaterally stop Joe Biden’s victory. And Trump never indicated publicly that he was aware of Pence’s plight, even hours after Tuberville says he told him.

Whoops! Instead of leaving your quarterback vulnerable to attacks from the civilized world that he reveled in the thought of his vp dying from mob violence, you were supposed to (didn’t you read the offensive play charts?) say that the president had no idea where Mike Pence and his family were.

Senior aides to the House impeachment managers said Thursday that they considered Tuberville’s comments to be new information that confirms their case that Trump abandoned Pence and Congress to the mob rather than attempting to quell the violence.

“It squares with what we already know, that the president knew his vice president was in danger and did nothing,” said one of the aides, adding, “We will have more to speak on that point today.”

Or as the fully embarrassed Alabama media puts it:

There are only a few ways to interpret this. Either Trump didn’t care his vice president was in danger and recklessly put his life at further risk. Or Trump did care — and wanted him pursued, or hurt, or killed.

[I find] myself in life as in a strange garment / Surprised at the earth … / And the shamelessness of men

40 Percent of U.S. COVID Deaths Could Have Been Averted If It Weren’t for Trump: [Lancet] Report


A Freudian Slip for the Ages.

“I am Bruce Castor, prosecutor for the former president…”

LOL. The very first words of Trump’s impeachment defense attorney have him identifying himself as his prosecutor. He quickly corrected himself, but really mes petites – you don’t have to read The Psychopathology of Everyday Life to figure out what’s going on there.

I’m surprised he didn’t open up his formal remarks by saying I am Bruce Castor, prostitute for the former president…

“Mr Trump used the word ‘fight’ … in the figurative sense…”

His defense lawyers dismiss the impeachment trial as “political theater,” but their own 78-page brief practically plagiarizes from The Importance of Being Earnest:

Were I fortunate enough to be Miss Prism’s pupil, I would hang upon her lips. [MISS PRISM glares.] I spoke metaphorically. – My metaphor was drawn from bees.

No Scoop for You

Citing a long history of “erratic behavior” (that’s putting it nicely), the president denies America’s Genius of the Carpathians access to intelligence reports.

Ever since the largest landslide in the history of the world was stolen from him by the forces of George Soros, DJT has been motivated by a bitter determination to bring down the government of the United States. Which seemeth to UD not the perfect profile of an intelligence-receiver.

‘Smartmatic Files $2.7 Billion Suit Against Fox News, Rudy Giuliani, Maria Bartiromo, Lou Dobbs, Jeanine Pirro and Sidney Powell’

One of the biggest defamation suits ever filed. Special suits for special people.

‘Canada labels the Proud Boys, other neo-Nazi groups as terrorists’

Trump’s favorite playmates banned in Canada! But (whew!) he can still play with them here.

Strip Trump of his Briefs.

I’m sorry. Not a pretty way to put it.

But the new administration looks likely – in the special case of DJT – to revoke the usual ex-presidential prerogative to receive intelligence briefings.

Need we count the ways this treacherous man represents a threat to the nation, with or without privileged information? I’d give stuff like this to his best buddy Marjorie Taylor Greene before I’d give it to him.

Pecker-Checker and Jesus Christ Himself: COME ON DOWN!!

Fuckface’s legal team resigns.

Likely replacements.

Or maybe this is the female genital mutilator’s best friend’s moment to shine!


“[Trump] was [a Russian] asset. It was not this grand, ingenious plan that we’re going to develop this guy and 40 years later he’ll be president. At the time it started, which was around 1980, the Russians were trying to recruit like crazy and going after dozens and dozens of people.

Trump was the perfect target in a lot of ways: his vanity, narcissism made him a natural target to recruit. He was cultivated over a 40-year period, right up through his election.”

The Stupidest State Contest Just Got Some Serious Competition.

Oklahoma Trying to Return its $2m

Stockpile of Hydroxychloroquine

Rudy Getting Suedy

Not that he cares. He’s in the same gerontic garden of delights as you know who, and no pissant $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit is gonna rain on his parade!

“Dominion was not founded in Venezuela to fix elections for Hugo Chávez,” the suit says. “It was founded in 2002 in John Poulos’s basement in Toronto to help blind people vote on paper ballots.”

In response to the lawsuit, Giuliani released a statement.

A lot of people are saying that actually Hugo Chavez is still alive, living in Toronto, an employee of Dominion Voting Systems. We demand that Chavez be brought to the USA and deposed in regard to his knowledge of Dominion conspiracies during the last presidential election. A lot of people are telling me that Chavez is in possession of explosive new information about fraud which will make what we have already revealed about vote tampering look like small potatoes.

How to Win Friends and Influence People

[I]nfluential Republicans are lobbying senators ahead of the [Trump] impeachment trial. The effort includes multiple former Trump administration officials, donors, former members of Congress, and current and former Capitol Hill aides — all encouraging Republican senators to vote to convict Trump.

OTOH: Every Senator doing a weewee at the Capitol metal detector cuz no guns allowed in the chamber is firmly anti-conviction.

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